Fab wedding accessory boutique, Olivier Laudus gives us their top 10 tips for choosing wedding accessories.

Take your time

Don’t buy your wedding accessories at the same time as your dress (i.e. after you have just made a big decision on the dress). If you spot something you like in the dress shop, go back for it once you’ve had time to reflect.

Less is more

Don’t overdo it with your accessories. It’s always better to keep it understated and elegant.

Try before you buy

If you have the opportunity to try your accessories on, do it, and experiment with different types to find what suits you best. Many brides who visit our studio come with a pre-conceived idea of what they want to buy, but often leave with something different.

Statement earrings

If you have a fussy neckline to your dress, it’s better to go for statement earrings rather than a necklace.

Diamond in the dark

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Dark hair makes even the smallest accessory stand out, so if have blonde hair you need an accessory of a certain size. Stay away from hairpins unless you use them as an addition to your chosen hair piece and scatter them in your chignon.

Bling for blondes

Another tip for blonde hair is to add some bling, because pearls on their own can get lost, so combining freshwater pearls and crystals is a winning combination.

Hollywood Glamour

Choose accessories to work with the style of your dress – if you are going for Hollywood Glamour, a faux-fur wrap and sparkly jewellery can look stunning while a side or satin ribbon headband looks lovely with a vintage-style dresses.

Rear view

Think about how you will look from the back, because guests will see you from behind for a lot of the ceremony. An elaborate hair comb or lace-edged veil can work beautifully.

Comfort is everything

Ensure you are comfortable – don’t choose a headband that pinches or earrings that are too heavy – you don’t want to look like you’re in pain in your wedding photos.

Personal twist

Finally, be true to your own personal style, so if you are not a fan of bling, then choose freshwater pearls and delicate jewellery rather than lots of sparkly pieces just because it’s your wedding day.

The Olivier Laudus online bridal accessory boutique was established in 2004 by husband and wife team Olivier and Sangeeta Laudus with a collection of luxury ring cushions designed by Olivier.  The online boutique has grown to offer three fabulous collections: the Signature Collection, the Boutique Collection and the Artisan Collection encompassing tiaras, headbands, bags, bridal jewellery, ring cushions and even wedding umbrellas. In July 2011, a studio was opened near Bond Street, London, for personal consultations. For more information and to view the collections visit olivierlaudus.com or call 020 8374 1239.