If you’re not sure what wedding present to buy your hubby-to-be, check out these top tips for choosing a groom’s cake from Rebecca at Daisy & Fred


‘What is a groom’s cake?’ I hear you say! Well, usually it is a surprise present from the bride to the groom, and is generally based on his hobbies and interests. It makes a real statement centre piece that is guaranteed to get people talking on your wedding day, and for a long time after too.

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Traditionally the groom’s cake isn’t cut up and served at the wedding, however, legend has it that if you cut the cake and give the individual pieces to the unmarried female guests to take home and put under their pillow while they sleep, these lucky ladies will dream of their future husband… And maybe wake up with cake in their hair.

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Top tips for choosing a groom’s cake

  1. Make a list of his interests and hobbies
    Is he in to skiing? Does he ride a motorcycle?
  2. Take inspiration from his favourite things
    Think about his favourite television shows, films, and sports teams.
  3. Search Pinterest for ideas
    It’s an amazing place jam-packed with creative ideas, and presenting your cake decorator with a photo means they will know exactly what you want.
  4. Research cake decorators
    Does their Facebook page match their website? Do their cakes look at a similar level skill-wise? Remember the old adage, ‘good cake isn’t cheap and cheap cake isn’t good’. A good cake decorator will come up with decorating ideas to bounce off you, so use this to your advantage and make sure you get exactly what you want!
  5. Ask for a tasting session
    Usually most cake decorators will offer this if you have already paid your deposit, or if they have charged you for the tasting session, they will typically offset the cost towards the final cake providing you book with them.
  6. Make it outrageous and fun
    It doesn’t have to be serious at all, it’s a celebration after all and an opportunity to have something unusual at your wedding.
  7. Think of your budget
    The more detail you want to go into, the more it will likely cost. Be sensible; a football pitch cake should be a reasonable price, however, 22 handmade figures playing football may send you running to the bank.
  8. Remember it doesn’t need to feed all of your guests
    Just maybe those single ladies, or just keep it for you and your husband as a special treat for after the event.

Above all, make sure it’s something you know he’ll love.You’re guaranteed to get masses of brownie points from him that way.

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