Luxury ethical jewellery creators Ingle & Rhode have analysed data from Instagram to reveal the 20 most popular destinations in the World to get married!

Ingle & Rhode analysed the hashtag #JustMarried on Instagram and found over 150,000 images on the social media platform.

The geographical coordinates of each image were identified and then cross referenced to the nearest city, revealing the most popular destinations in the world for people to get married! The most popular place to get married in the World is Moscow, Russia, closely followed by New York, Las Vegas and St Petersburg.Dubbed the most romantic City in the World, Paris, is the 18th most popular destination to tie the knot!marriage destinaions


1. Moscow, Russia -19.96%
2. New York, US – 8.32%
3. Las Vegas, US – 8.16%
4. St Petersburg – Russia
5. London, UK
6. Sao Paulo, Brazil
7. Singapore
8. San Diego, US
9. Los Angeles, US
10. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

11.Toronto, Canada
12. Honolulu, US
13. Rome, Italy
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. Chicago, US
16. Orlando, US
17. Kuala Lumpur
18.Paris, France
19.San Francisco, US
20.Barcelona, Spain

marriage destinations1Tim Ingle from Ingle & Rhode says, “With an average of 300 million active users every month, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos, especially those significant moments you wish to convey to friends and family. One objective before we started the project was to ensure we found and released interesting, informative and inspiring insight to the public. From saying ‘I do’ on a beach in Rio to throwing up a bouquet on the Las Vegas strip, the results reveal a vast and diverse range of destinations across the World where people have chosen to tie the knot.

Harriet, 31, “Simon and I met travelling across Asia four years previous. We always knew that we both wanted to marry in a part of the World that was different to where we both live day-to-day. Choosing to get married abroad does alienate people from the wedding party, especially somewhere as far as Brazil, however, if you plan well in advance and let people know with plenty of time to plan, it is manageable. For our friends that couldn’t attend, we threw a more low-key party on our return. Both celebrations were unforgettable.”

You can see the full interactive map on Ingle & Rhode 

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