House of Hud know a thing or two about weddings – they’ve organised a good few of them every year, and what with talking to brides and grooms year-round about their ideas, inspirations and dreams, and then helping to turn them into reality, they’ve got quite a good idea of what’s hot and what’s not!

So over to Katherine Hudson to tell us everything she knows about the hottest wedding trends of 2015…

5-wedding-trends-house-of-hud-Tip 2 - Sips

Quintessentially English

The tinkle of vintage porcelain teacups, a splash of Hendricks and cucumber, a gentle Summer’s breeze, the comforting distant knell of cricket bat against ball… This is England!

The trend for old-English-everything has leapt further back in time to Victoriana and beyond for weddings this year, as bright young things everywhere are channeling Downton Abbey, Oscar Wilde and Austen.

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Think Victorian lace detailing, wild-flower garland table-runners, William Morris prints, elaborate topiary, and lashings of strawberries and cream.

5-wedding-trends-house-of-hud-Tip 1 - Quintessentially English - photo courtesy of Talkback Productions

Hip to sip

Taking a cue from experimental pop-ups and late night speakeasies, 2015 is the year to treat your guests to something a little bit original; as couples throw out the staid, tried-and-tested menus and opt for exciting, contemporary tastes.

Add an element of surprise with artisan food-trucks and pop-up tasting stations of DIY Ceviche, pulled-pork, lobster rolls, or Oyster shucking. And don your mixologist cap to experiment with and personalise the brew of your favourite cocktails; served with prohibition panache in mismatched miniature jars or Gatsby champagne glasses.

5-wedding-trends-house-of-hud-Tip 2 - Sips - Michelle Lindsay Photography

DIY bohemia

It’s OUT with the Bourgeois and in with bohemia as weddings become less ostentatious conformity and more about you and your loved ones pulling together to make it all happen.

Invitations drawn by the flowers girls, wildflower centrepieces picked by your mother-in-law, funny anecdotes from friends and family printed on napkins; get crafty and add quirky elements of humour to let your personalities shape the day.

Make it more of a huge dinner party for every you know and love, rather than a fanfare of fuss and formality. Create a personal and intimate atmosphere by sitting together on long rustic tables, passing shared plates and lighting it all perfectly with homely, twinkling lights. Informal and unconventional weddings will be BIG this year. You heard it here first!

5-wedding-trends-house-of-hud-Tip 3 - DIY Boho - photo from Philip Volkers 2

Go green

The Royal wedding inspired us to bring the outdoors in, and we have it on good authority that the trend for green has definitely stuck.

Herbs such as rosemary and mint strung together with ivy, magnolia leaf and fern are adoring table-runners; framing cocktail menus, redefining tent ceilings and softening chandeliers. Topiary and architectural trees bring form and height into tents and venues as well as adding life into the spaces.

The key here is to adorn with foliage and hint at the great outdoors, rather than sending yours guests into the wilderness to forage for their supper – although, that could be a lot of fun too.

5-wedding-trends-house-of-hud-Tip 4 - Go Green - foliage in the Pearl Tent 4

Industrial chic

Textured, mature and modern. Transforming an industrial space into a sleek venue with personalised touches and casual but polished details will be a hit in 2015 with any bride looking for a big city wedding, without huge amounts of fuss.

Soften exposed brickwork with candle-light, roses and peonies; add a splash of colour with bespoke lighting; punctuate with art and define the space with clever draping.

With an ever-increasing number of industrial inner-city spaces opening up for private hire, it’s easier than ever to find a venue that’s fit for transformation.

5-wedding-trends-house-of-hud-Tip 5 - Industrial Chic 2

Want to know what else is hot for 2015? We’ve got the flowers, the dresses, the hairstyles, the stationery… everything! Don’t be behind the times now, ladies.