You’re in the midst of planning your dream day – floral arrangements, venue visits, band auditions, dress fittings… the list is endless! But there is the icing on the (wedding) cake: planning the honeymoon.

Although exciting for some, deciding on the location for your honeymoon getaway can be quite stressful.

HomeToGo has prepared a list of quirky, never-been-posted-on-Facebook honeymoons locations that will offer a one-of-a-kind holiday; a dreamy world away from traditional honeymoon tourist traps.

The Hebrides

Although Edinburgh is Scotland’s most beautiful city, the truly unique honeymoon adventures and breathtaking views can be found much further north of the city. HomeToGo recommends a few days travelling through the Highlands with its enchanting deserted trails.

After this, honeymooners should head to the westernmost point of Scotland – the Hebrides. The cluster of 200 island off the northwest coast of Scotland provides lush moors, relaxing sandy beaches and charming cottages to rent. Be sure to visit Lewis and Harris islands, which are considered the most beautiful in Europe!

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5 Quirky Honeymoon Getaways - The Hebrides photo

Cook Islands

There are few places in the world further from the UK than the Cook Islands isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But this remote South Pacific colony of 15 sun-filled islands is worth the one and a half days of travelling.

Rarotonga, the capital and largest island of the archipelago, is a paradise filled with colourful, tropical greenery. Spend your honeymoon in a private villa from HomeToGo soaking up the sun and experiencing the unique cultural heritage of the Polynesian natives.

5 Quirky Honeymoon Getaways - Polynesian Woman (Cook Islands)


Thanks so some low-cost airlines, the volcanic nation of Iceland can now be reached via direct flight from London. This island provides a unique opportunity for the bride and groom to be surrounded by nature that is beyond compare in Europe – volcanic wasteland, streaming rivers filled with fish, waterfalls and hot springs.

With some honeymoon magic, you may even witness the spectacular Northern Lights. To fully enjoy the Icelandic silence, look for an accommodation far off the beaten path in a local farm or hidden cottage surrounded by volcanoes. This will be a post-wedding memory that you’ll never forget.

5 Quirky Honeymoon Getaways - Iceland


If your budget limits you to a romantic trip within Europe, and Paris seems to be a little too obvious, try and interesting alternative: the capital of Latvia, Riga. Riga is a cultural hub that never sleeps.

With a quaint, old town centre nestled on the bank of the Daugava River, travellers can take in the gems of Gothic architecture while sipping Black Balsam at one of the many bars or cafes. The newly weds can reach Riga by car, bus, or even flight, and the cost of renting an elegant studio in the centre of Riga will only set you back about £50 a day!

5 Quirky Honeymoon Getaways - Riga, Latvia

The Philippines

The Philippines are often called the Asian outpost of Christianity or the country of a thousand islands. The bride and groom can choose one of these many islands to spend their time relaxing in a private bungalow surrounded by beautiful flora and water gardens, and be just steps away from the water.

This is also a great chance to finally unwind from the wedding madness – just the two of you. Once settled, hop on over to Palawan to discover the crystal clear waters of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, the new Unesco World Heritage Site.

5 Quirky Honeymoon Getayways - The Philippines

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