13 Wedding Fails Caught On Camera!

We’ve talked about the easily avoidable 30 wedding fails but sometimes, these moments literally come from no where – and are often caught on camera. Whether this is good or bad – were not sure! Here’s your chance to laugh, cry, cringe and learn from these ultimate wedding fails caught on film! Which do you think is your your worst wedding nightmare?!

Best wedding fails caught on camera!

Lovely knickers!

Lovely venue, lovely floral archway, lovely…knickers?! Although we’re not sure what exactly happened here, we’re sure none of you want this happening, EVER on your special day. And we’re almost sure it won’t happen to you…ish.

Clumsy best man

Maybe he thought the bride was looking a bit hot and uncomfortable so was doing her a favour, or maybe this best man is just plain clumsy! Reading on the bridal embarrassment scale? VERY High…

The confetti shot

The confetti shot is an important one, but we are happy that this one got caught on film. That said, we do feel a little sorry for Grandma…

Shoe surprise

Footage that shows just how important the process of choosing shoes for yourself and your bridesmaids is!

Crazy groomsmen

Looking suave in a new swanky suit can go to the groomsmen’s heads a bit too much, don’t you think? And this guy’s head will certainly be paying for it.

Can you swim?

Ah, what a beautiful location. The entire bridal party together with the scenic backdrop of the lake! We didn’t see this coming, and they definitely didn’t…

What a recovery!

Another overambitious groomsman exemplifies another huge, and painful, wedding fail.

That must have hurt!

Was this guest just trying to get a picture, or trying to show up the bride with her moonwalking? It’s not certain, but ouch is all we can say!

Showing off doesn’t always pay

Everyone has a friend who thinks they’re a whizz on the dance floor, and no one can really stop them in their routine. Well, apart from…


Dance on

The cake-smooshing-in-face wedding tradition is always a funny one, and so is this bride’s attempt at the caterpillar dance move…

Don’t touch the dress

…but when the dress gets hurt, it’s definitely NOT funny. It’s serious faces all round from that point.



And let this final video be a lesson to all of you and your guests: do not get too carried away with the Champagne or free bar.

You can’t help but laugh at some of these bridal misfortunes, and we reckon even the brides themselves can look back now and laugh a little. While we’re pretty sure these unfortunate wedding fails are unlikely to happen to you, these common wedding fails could – read them through and be fail-safe on your big day! You’ll thank us for it afterwards!