Are you constantly making dieting mistakes? Let the experts at The Wedding Dress Diet Plan help you overcome them with these top slimming tips…

Mistake 1 – Skipping breakfast

By skipping this important meal, you will be hungrier for the rest of the day. A decent breakfast will kick start your metabolism right from the word go!

Mistake 2 – Not eating enough protein

Protein will fill you up for longer, try chicken or fish for your lunch time meal and keep hunger at bay all day.

Mistake 3 – Getting your portion size wrong

Try eating off a smaller plate and filling it instead of filling a large plate. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. That way, you will feel more satisfied.

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Mistake 4 – Losing track of what you’ve eaten

Absent-mindedly snacking throughout the day can put a full stop to your slimming. Record everything, keep a food diary. Have snacks, just remember to include them in your calorie allowance.

Mistake 5 – Not drinking enough

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Green tea will help fill you up and will help to speed up your metabolism.

Mistake 6 – Setting unrealistic goals

Dieting mistakes don’t come much bigger than being unrealistic about the amount of weight you’re going to lose. Don’t buy a wedding dress three sizes too small in the hope that you will fit into it. Set an achievable weight goal and try your best to get to that.

Mistake 7 – Repeating old diet habits

Break the routine of old dieting habits that haven’t worked. Don’t start on a Monday, start on a Friday. You’re much more likely to succeed as you will have done the hardest part first and stayed strong throughout the weekend – weekdays will be much easier.

Mistake 8 – Starving yourself

Don’t starve yourself because you’ll end up binge eating. Try to eat a handful of fruit when you get hungry – it’ll keep you going and stop cravings.

Mistake 9 – Hiding the scales

Don’t be scared of the scales. Get weighed regularly so you can see little loses, which will motivate you to continue.

Mistake 10 – Going it alone

Don’t try to lose weight on your own. More people are successful when they get the support of friends and loved ones. Ask a bridesmaid, your mum or your h2b to train and exercise with you and you’ll find the whole process a lot easier.

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