Some say the way to a happy marriage is a happy home, so make sure you live in wedded bliss by creating your perfect love nest. From glamorous candle holders to rustic lanterns, all at up to 60% less than the RRP, HomeSense is full of unique finds that will turn your home into a perfect palace.

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Gifting perfection | £3.99 +  Copper garden camper style mug | £4.99

Delicate Cake dome | £6.99  +  Dinner by Candlelight | £12.99 each

Copper ice bucket | £14.99  +  Celebration Goblet | £7.99

Cross the threshold to be greeted by a wide selection of luxurious linens and divine decorations, lovely lighting and heart-themed items. If you’re decorating a marquee or country barn house to curate your own big day, HomeSense has it! From elegant chargers to centrepiece vases and beautiful glassware,you will find everything you need.

Wedding Breakfast | £6.99  +  Embossed Glass Jars   

With frequent deliveries, there are always new discoveries to be had in store. Our buyers have scoured the globe to offer you a wide selection of unique branded homeward, stationery and one-off pieces!

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