It’s the night before Christmas, and since our Brand Manager Pippa Ward’s boyfriend proposed to her in a gondola in Venice a week ago, engagements have been on our mind.

Christmas kicks off ‘proposal season’ for the wedding industry, shortly followed, as it is, by new year and Valentine’s Day, also key dates in the sparkly-ring-giving calendar.


So, have you been browsing wedding sites for a while now, hoping that he will propose sometime soon? Or are you perhaps someone’s boyfriend/potential husband planning to get down on one knee this festive time, or on Valentine’s Day? Well, we have rounded up our favourite surprise engagement stories to give you some inspiration. Make it good, make it memorable!

Why not slip the ring on her finger while she’s asleep? She’ll either wake up there and then (have the Champagne on ice!) or will wake up to see it on her finger… So sweet!

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Use your Christmas/new year/work night out… Have a word with the DJ, ask him to play your partner’s favourite song, and at the end make the proposal public. How can they refuse?!

If you’re flying somewhere soon, don’t wait until the end of the trip. Ask the cabin crew if you can use the cabin address system to propose at 35,000 feet.

Why not get your family and friends together, each wearing a letter of ‘Will You Marry Me?” Gather them in order for a group photo that your partner will take, and hey presto!

Tie a ribbon between two spots in the house, hanging love notes along it, saying things that you love about your partner. The last will of course be: “Will You Marry Me?”

And now for something completely different!

One game-loving groom actually wrote to the makers of his girlfriend’s favourite video game and worked with them to produce to special level that she had to complete. Of course, when she got to the end, a proposal was waiting. Just imagine if she’d never finished the game?!

Ask your local bakery to make a cake with the words: “Will You Marry Me?” iced on the top. You could just happen to be walking by the shop that day…

Christmas-wedding-proposals-inspirephotosArrange a trip to their favourite local spot. When the time is write, take off that heavy backpack (think Champagne, tasty snacks and finally the ring box).

Take your partner to their favourite restaurant. Make it as romantic as possible but make them wait until dessert is served up, with the ring box…

It’s an oldie, but a goodie – make a treasure hunt in your house, where the final clue leads her to the ring.

Rome, Venice, Paris, Edinburgh… Europe is blessed with the most romantic of cities, and flights can be inexpensive if booked enough in advance. Make it look like a straight-forward trip, but propose on the last day, maybe as you are packing up to leave.

Another real groom dressed his newborn baby in a vest saying ‘Will you marry daddy?’ and when his wife went to change him, she found the heartfelt message. And yes, she did say yes!

Did your partner propose to you over Christmas? Tell us your festive proposal stories in the comments section below!