Winter might not be the traditional time for a hen do, but it can still be an amazing weekend with the girls. A little cold shouldn’t stop you from having fun on one of the most memorable events of your life! Here are all the things to consider if you’re having a winter hen do.


Swapping the sun for cold may not appeal to some, but a winter hen do can be just as magical as a summer bash. Sip on your hot chocolate (make it Irish) and get stuck into all the same classic hen night shenanigans, but with a seasonal twist.

We spoke to hen do experts Last Night of Freedom who gave us eight tips and things to consider to make sure your winter hen night is just as magical as any other season (and a little naughty of course…!).

8 Things to Consider When Planning a Winter Hen Do

Big Night In or Wild Night Out?

Since the weather is getting colder, you might want to consider a night in for your hen do. A girl’s night in can be just as fun as hitting the town, plus there’s no risk of slipping on ice in your high heels!

Pick a theme and have a party at home. You could order matching pyjamas and decorate the house to convert it into the ultimate Instagrammable party pad. Alternatively, if you dare brave the cold and head out for a few drinks, put on your sparkliest dress and head out for a night on the tiles – think winter and Christmas themed cocktails and a classic glass of mulled wine.

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Location, Location, Location

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Just because your hen is during the winter months doesn’t mean you have to have your hen in a cold country. Why not fly to sunny Tenerife and top up that tan before you walk down the aisle?

Or, you could embrace the winter theme and head to a city that has a cosy winter feel, like Amsterdam or Prague. With snow falling and cosy vibes all round, these magical cities are perfect for winter markets and gorgeous photos.

Don’t want to leave the comfort of the UK? There are plenty of cities here that will give you the same snug, winter feeling as the continent. Edinburgh is enchanting in the winter, with beautiful architecture that is complemented by snow – while the Christmas markets are a great for seasonal day out.

Then, there’s Newcastle, full of raucous revellers who seemingly never get cold! Join them if you’re brave enough; there are loads of bars that will warm you up with delicious cocktails or a few pints – just remember, nobody wears a coat!


Décor to Adore

Décor is important, especially if you’re having a night in. Turn your hotel room or home into your own personalised hen do paradise and fill the room with balloons, banners and colourful confetti. Remember, this is your big night before your big day, so make a big deal of it and mark the milestone before you switch from Miss to Mrs.

Decorating the room will get everyone in the hen night spirit and will make your surroundings picture-perfect. Pick a theme to be coordinated, plus you’ll wow the hens with your fabulous taste.

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What to Wear on a Winter Hen Do

We’re sure you’ve said yes to the dress, but do you know what you’ll wear if the temperature plunges? Check the weather before you pack to make sure you have the right outfits, and include plenty in your luggage – especially if you’re heading to a chilly city. Plan your outfits ahead of time to fit in with activities and so you can coordinate with your girls if you wish. Nothing is as Insta-worthy as matching hen do outfits!

And, of course you’ll need some hen do accessories, because how else will onlookers know that this night is ultimately all about you?

If you’re having a night in, why not get some matching pyjamas or dressing gowns to stay snug and Instagrammable? Match them with slippers and you’ve got the ultimate slumber party for your hen do.

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Delicious Drinks for Your Winter Hen Do

Winter drinks are all about keeping warm. We know alcohol will do the trick, but who doesn’t love a rich, warming cup of cocoa? Hot chocolate and Bailey’s – or a toasty mulled wine – will keep you feeling fuzzy on the inside. If you prefer something cold, we recommend a classic eggnog or a Moscow mule to put some colour in your cheeks.

But, as this is a hen do you might want to put a naughty twist on some classics. Hot chocolate bombs are always cute and cosy, but why not add a saucy surprise inside like willy marshmallows?

Or, why not take some glow in the dark willy straws out on the town with you? They’ll work great for trying to find your drink in those dark nights. Alternatively, if you don’t want glowing willies in your mouth, glow motion straws and light-up tumblers are just as good at lighting up your drink on those winter nights.

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Winter Hen Do Games for the Girls

Games are a great way to bring your hens together. Play some as part of your pre-drinks, or if you’re stopping in the party pad, play them until you all crash at 3am!

Drinking games come in all shapes and sizes, although ultimately, they all end with at least one you slumped in a seat like your granny at Christmas after the sherry comes out.

Thankfully there are games for every type of hen – from giggle-inducing ‘Truth of Dare’ to the drunken shenanigans of beer pong. And, the good news is, whether you’re hitting the town or having a big night in your hen house, they can be played almost anywhere!

For the competitive members of the hen group this is a perfect way to show off and get more comfortable in a big group. They don’t even need to be drinking games – piñatas and pin the willy games are just as much fun.


Winter Hen Do Activities

Hen dos have now evolved into an all-out event rather than just a night out with the girls. And, finding activities that everyone will love is hard enough, without the hassle of seasonal closures! Here are some activity ideas available to book with Last Night of Freedom that are great for the winter months and for any type of hen group:

Proud Cabaret Show Entry with Three Course Meal and Cocktail in London

An impressive, professional live show with amazing acts while you and sip on a welcome cocktail. The perfect sit down, evening activity for a cold night.

Willy Workshop in Edinburgh

A cheeky, adult themed workshop for the more immature groups to have a laugh and put their arts skills to the test. A great way to get crafty and avoid the harsh weather outside.

Ice Bar Entrance in Prague

Embrace the cold and head to a bar made of ice! You’ll get jackets and gloves, so no need to worry about frost bite. This is a wonderful winter themed activity for your hen do.

Winter Bobsleigh in Riga

For the more active groups this winter activity will get your heart racing. With two rides each, you can say that you’ve bobsleighed on the same track as Olympic legends.

Smashed Party Bar Crawl in Benidorm

What’s better than copious amounts of alcohol in a warm country to make you forget about the miserable weather back at home? Aptly named, you’ll end up ‘well served’ by the end of the night.


Winter Hen Do Gifts

For the hen, for the girls, gift for all! Party favours are always a crowd pleaser. Gift bags that match your décor will give the hen night an extra special touch; fill the bag with bridesmaid and hen knick knacks that the girls will love and you’ll be sorted.

Gaudy gifts for the bride are also a hen do staple, so you might end up with a few phallic items by the end of the night. Walking through town with a blow-up doll or a giant willy just screams hen do! You could even dress them up as an elf or Santa if you’re in the festive spirit.


For more information on booking your winter hen do, visit Last Night of Freedom.

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