Wedding hats.  Hold that thought.

Because one of the defining effects of the Royal Wedding will be the influence it has on wedding headwear.

(You just have to look at all the articles written about which Royal Wedding guest wore what hat (see Wedding Ideas mag’s previous post on this).

Feathered purple wedding hat with ostrich feathers

Mind you, choosing a hat to suit your features is quite an art.  Whether you’re a friend of the bride looking for a stunning wedding hat or fascinator or the mother of the bride looking to emulate Carole Middleton’s Royal Wedding elegance.

To help you, here are some style tips on the latest wedding hat trends from Sarah Rhodes of Get Ahead Hats

  • ‘Percher’ hats and half hats worn at a dramatic angle above the right eyebrow were by far the most popular hats at the Royal Wedding, with mother of the bride Carole Middleton wearing a perfect example.
  • Wide brimmed hats should be worn in bold colours that contrast with the wedding outfit, rather than matching.
  • A black shift dress with a lime green big wedding hat is eye catching and sophisticated.
  • Cerise pink and purple wedding hats are very popular colours – why not pick an outfit in one shade and a hat in the other?
  • Hats can either match a colour or provide a spectacular contrasting statement.  It’s the finished look that’s important.
  • Always try your hat on with the wedding outfit you’re wearing.
  • Consider the hat in the context of your whole ‘look’  – and wear the same height shoes you’re planning to wear.
  • Hiring is a good option to consider for designer style on a budget.

lilac wedding hat

Wedding Hats and Hairstyles

  • Concentrate on volume and body.
  • Hats flatten hair, so give your style plenty of bounce by blow-drying, curling and using hairspray.
  • Use stronger products than normal to make your style last.
  • Style shorter hair by bringing hair forwards so it comes below the hat at the front and sides.  (A good hat for short to mid length hair is the ‘Mitzioni’ shown above.)
  • Unless you add a bit of drama to your hair, your hat can look as if it has just been placed with little thought.  A well styled hair-do brings your hat to life and looks great when you eventually take your wedding hat off.

pink and black statement wedding hat

Hats and Face Shape

  • Round faces can get away with big-brimmed hats
  • Choose a ‘hatinator’ if you have a small face or petite frame (it’s a half hat with more structure than a fascinator).  (‘Inferno’ shown here is a good option.)   Or a small ‘percher’ that’s worn at an angle so your face can be seen clearly.

Thanks to expert wedding milliner Sarah Rhodes of Get Ahead Hats for these tips.  We’ve some more advice on choosing wedding hairstyles too.