We’re all impartial to a late night scroll on TikTok and one thing that hooks us in every time is weird and wonderful life hacks, like the hashtag #jewelleryhacks. With over 1.3 million views alone on TikTok, you’ll find endless tips on keeping your engagement ring safe and sparkly for all time. Discover our top five TikTok hacks below.

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There’s no doubt that TikTok has become a treasure trove for DIY hacks that make our lives that little bit easier – whilst also saving us a few pennies.

And, with the news that 66% of people don’t clean their jewels and engagement rings, TikTok can help, from at-home cleaning and ring-resizing to gemstone tips.

5 TikTok Engagement Ring Hacks You Need to Know

We spoke to diamond expert Claire Beatson, lab-grown diamond expert from the jeweller Nightingale, who shares some of the most popular diamond ring hacks on TikTok.

Store your ring safely on your wrist

Nowadays, there are many occasions when you just can’t risk wearing your engagement ring. From practical jobs to frequenting the gym, it can feel like you’re taking your ring off numerous times a day.

Luckily there’s a portable storage trick this hairdresser has shared on TikTok which will allow you to tuck your ring safely away in a wristband, secured with a zip.

@engagement101 Another way to protect your ring and put it away. A #ring hero wristband. #jewelryhack #hack #engagementring #precious #nurselife #nurseoftiktok ♬ Omg – White Gangster

Claire says: “Whilst the safest bet is usually to leave your ring at home in a secure place where you know you always keep it, this is such a brilliant idea for those moments when you’re out and about and it can feel a little risky to pop your ring in your bag, or leave it in the car.”

Product to purchase: RingHero, from £15.11.

Resize your ring at home

It can be frustrating when a ring doesn’t fit quite right on your finger and begins to twist round due to being too loose.

Whilst this may mean you need your ring resized, sometimes a temporary fix can help in the meantime…enter TikTok! This handy jewellery hack shows how you can resize your ring at home using silicone adjusters.

@csuitestyling DIY ring resizing hack #amazonfinds #diyfashion #diyhacks #hacks #engagementring #engagement💍 #engagementrings ♬ Peja – Instrumental – Bujaa beats

Claire says: “This is definitely an innovative means to resizing your ring – albeit temporarily!

“It’s completely normal to experience your ring feeling looser or tighter at different stages of your life, from pregnancy, to weight fluctuations, to simply ageing – you are guaranteed to need at least one ring resizing at some point and this is a great hack for a quick fix.”

“However, if you are in need of a more permanent solution, I would definitely recommend using a trusted jeweller to resize your ring for you.”

Product to purchase: silicone ring adjuster, £6.99 from Amazon. (If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can head to your local jeweller who will most likely offer resizing services.)

Save money with moissanite instead of diamonds

An engagement ring is without a doubt one of the most expensive items you will ever wear. But in today’s climate, younger generations are desperate to find ways to save money on such extravagant purchases, without compromising on the look.

TikTok’s equivalent to Martin Lewis, Addison Jarman, shares her number one tip when it comes to saving money on your engagement ring: invest in moissanite instead of diamonds.

@addison.jarman What do you think?! Would you choose moissanite over a diamond? #moissanitering #moneyhack #addisontaughtme ♬ original sound – Addison Jarman

Claire says: “Diamond prices can vary depending on the 4 Cs (Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity) whereas moissanite prices are typically only influenced by the carat of the stone. Overall, moissanite is universally cheaper than diamonds when comparing similar carat sizes and nearly as durable too.”

Regularly clean your ring at home

Your beloved rings are bound to look a little less sparkly and a little more grubby over time after years of wear – it’s only natural. But, how can you go about cleaning your rings safely at home?

This popular TikTok shows how to make your ring sparkle again using household items such as foil, baking powder and dishwashing liquid.

@nurse.alexis #howto clean your #engagementring 💍😍 #foryou #fyp #hacks #lockdownlife #melbourne #diamond #diamondring #wedding #love #DIY ♬ Cartoon-style piano solo jazz(853970) – motofuji

“This is a nifty at-home cleaning method, and much less expensive than jewellery cleaning solutions you can buy,” says Claire.

“I would recommend investing in a good jewellery polishing cloth which is lint-free – these are perfect to really get that sparkle back once you’ve given your ring a good clean.”

“Whilst it is wise to keep good care of your ring at home, I’d also recommend getting your ring professionally cleaned every six months to help enhance the protective layers of your ring and ensure it appears like new for longer.”

Ring stack using your engagement ring for extra style and sparkle

As well as cleaning and storage hacks, TikTok has an abundance of styling tips when it comes to jewellery.

In this TikTok, you can discover how to stack other rings on your ring finger even with a non-flush engagement ring. Simply add an open band first, which allows you to then stack other rings seamlessly.

@thetruegem Ring Stack Hack 💍 There are plenty of ways to stack with a non-flush engagement ring! #TheTrueGemCompany ♬ love nwantiti (feat. Dj Yo! & AX’EL) [Remix] – CKay

Claire comments: “I would recommend choosing subtle band designs if you’re going to stack different rings on your ring finger – you don’t want to take too much attention away from your engagement ring.

“Thin, diamond-encrusted bands are the most popular choice to stack beneath your engagement ring as they help to add extra sparkle.

“Or, you can go bold and choose 2-4 rings to sit at either side of your engagement ring which shape around your engagement ring centre stone. This is sure to add some glitz and glamour to your ring finger.”

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