If you’ve got your heart set on tieing the knot surrounded by the great outdoors, then look no further! Were answering the question “Can you really get married outside in the UK” with a resounding “YES”! Country Spa Retreat ‘Moddershall Oaks‘ latest newly-weds, share their experience of what it really means to tie the knot surrounded by the free spirited charm of the Great British Outdoors, under the stars in Moddershall’s very own unique handmade gazebo! – true alfresco style!



Drawing from their personal experience, our been-there-done-that couple Simellia & Nick shed light on their perfect outdoor wedding which they described to create the most magical and ‘romantic‘ yet ‘laid-back‘ setting of ‘intimacy‘. From the weather elements to the wedding breakfast, proving that with careful planning how their woodland wedding became a real midsummer night’s dream!

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Simellia and Nick hadn’t originally planned to have an outdoor wedding and weren’t yet aware of the beautiful ceremony landscape they had plans to complete in time for the couples big day! “We follow MO on social media and as soon as it was announced we were super excited at the prospect of getting married outside, especially when we saw how impressive the plans looked.” The couple went to the open day in April last year and fell in love! “From that first visit we were praying for good weather on 5th September“.



Simellia & Nick visited Moddershall Oaks for the first time when they went for a spa weekend and Nick proposed to Simellia by the lake! “We had a connection with MO straight away, there’s a really laid back atmosphere about the place which suits us, the setting with the lake and the staff went out of their way to make sure we had an amazing weekend at the spa. We decided this was the venue for us“!


The most memorable part of the big day for Simellia was walking down the aisle. “I remember the sun shining and just seeing Nick there waiting, I felt like it was just us there and nobody else, it was all so intimate and perfect.”

How did getting married outside add to your experience?

“It felt that little bit more special having the ceremony outside in front of the lake and being able to take full advantage of the beautiful weather. There’s just something very natural, being outside with all our family and friends for such a special occasion. We’ve had a couple of milestones at MO so it was great for us to show our guests where we got engaged and that it was just a stones throw from where we got married”!

Were there any obstacles you faced in planning/on the day?

The planning was really straight forward to be honest, Lauren and Sam at MO were super helpful and their confidence in all aspects made the planning stress free. The only real obstacle was the weather as we had our hearts set on having the ceremony outside. I arrived early and my first question to Lauren was ‘Could we have the ceremony outside?’ Fortunately it was a nice sunny day and we got the go ahead for the outdoor ceremony!



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