Just like weddings, there are traditions tied to hosting an engagement party and etiquette to follow. But if your parents aren’t taking on the role of hosts, why not write your own rules with this quick guide to throwing your own engagement party?


How to host your own engagement party, from what venue to choose, who should be invited and how to handle your budget to fun party themes...

How To Host Your Own Engagement Party

Step 1: Pick your party style

Low key and laid-back barbecue in the garden or a house party at a country manor? The choice is entirely yours. Prioritise choosing a venue to suit the style of your celebration.

Step 2: Establish your budget

Think of hosting an engagement party like pint-sized wedding planning. There is still a venue to manage, outfits to choose, a guest list to invite. Plus, there’s still the budget to consider. 

Don’t panic if you end up having one of these nine silly arguments every newly engaged couple has, either. Everyone bickers sometimes – especially when money is involved.

Step 3: Sort out your guest list

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If the foodie offering will be casual, be that a buffet or homemade treats, then your cost per head will be considerably less than a formal dinner. As a result, you can invite more guests. Do so with caution, however, as you risk causing guests offence by inviting them to this party but not your actual wedding.

Step 4: Get creative with your theme

If you already know what type of wedding you’re going to be having, then why not make the engagement party a tiny taste of what’s to come? You don’t need the take-your-breath-away décor for an engagement party, but you can still decorate and personalise it.

Step 5: Party time

Finally, it’s party time. The venue is decorated, your guests have arrived and the Prosecco corks have been popped. It’s time to toast to your engagement and have the best fun ever with your nearest and dearest – what better way to get everyone excited for your big day than by partying the night away?

laughing with drinks engagement party

Of course, a celebration is just one way to enjoy being engaged. Try these seven ways to make the most of your engagement for a super fun time, too.


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