If you’re reading this, you probably made your best friend’s bridal squad. But, do you really know why she chose you to be one of her bridesmaids?

The truth is out! We take you through the 24 thoughts brides have when choosing their bridesmaids. Will you be surprised by any?

Want to know what really went through a bride's mind before she asked you to be her bridesmaids? Now's your chance to find out...

24 thoughts brides have when choosing their bridesmaids:

1 She lives far away, will she be able to make all of the appointments?

2 Can I have my male friend as part of my bridal party?

3 I have no children in my family – do I need flower girls?

4 Will she be helpful and reliable?

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5 Will she be offended if I don’t ask her?

6 Will she stick to the budget when we’re dress shopping?

7 Will she be fun at the reception?

8 Would she want to be a bridesmaid and walk down the aisle before me?

9 Will she try to steal the limelight?

10 Will she be relaxed about what I ask her to wear?

11 Does she get on well with the groom?

12 Can I only ask two of my four best friends?

13 Will I be as close to this person in 10 years time?

14 Will she get on with the rest of my bridal party?

15 Is she creative and resourceful?

16 Would my family approve?

17 Will she get too drunk at the evening reception?

18 Will she mingle with the guests well?

19 Does she know what kind of wedding we want?

20 Will she take her responsibilities seriously?

21 Will she have time to help me with planning?

22 How would I feel without her standing beside me?

23 Will she keep me calm on the big day?

24 Do we see eye to eye about the hen party?

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