One of our favourite things about photo booths, and especially the ones available from Giggle Booth, is the fun and entertainment they can create at your wedding reception. And we’re not just talking about the photos they produce…


We love photo booths for the quirky, personal memory books you are left with at the end of the night. Guests take some funny shots of themselves within the booth, and then paste one set of pictures into your message book – a fun, contemporary alternative to a traditional guest book that you can keep forever. Then they can take the other set of prints home as a special reminder of the day.


But the Giggle Booth has another great trick up its sleeve! Thanks to the screens on the exterior of the booth, you and your friends outside can see exactly what’s going on on the inside. This extends the fun to not only the people using the booth, but also anyone else who is close by.

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The booths also boast the very latest technology allowing your guests to see their pictures immediately after the photo is taken on the screen, as well as replace plain, boring backgrounds with cool Green Screen technology.

The Giggle Booth also has the ability for your guests to leave video messages, which can then be turned into a fun YouTube video for you and your guests to watch long after the confetti has settled. Often traditional wedding photographers and videographers don’t stay for long at the evening reception, so the Giggle Booth provides both of those services in one!


If the technology side doesn’t excite you, then the box full of props certainly will! Giggle Booth are the only photo booth company to bring a brand new box of props to every wedding – and then leave them with you at the end of the night, so that your guests can continue to party on the dancefloor with the selection of hats, wigs, glasses and fun inflatables.


How many things have you booked for your wedding that tick so many boxes? It’s entertainment for you and your guests, favours for friends and family, and a fantastic reminder of your special day all in one!

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