Wedding planning has certainly changed over the last few years, and for those getting married in 2022, remembering all the life admin you need to do post-wedding can be tricky to navigate! Here are 16 things you need to remember before, during and after the big day.

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Searches for ‘best date to get married in 2022’ have gone up by +556% in the last 12 months and ‘what to discuss before marriage’ by +127%, suggesting the end of Covid restrictions has finally allowed more couples to look forward to planning their big day.

But, for those getting hitched, understanding – and remembering – the preparations and life admin that’s needed before, during and post-wedding can be tricky to navigate.

Things to Remember Before Your Wedding

We spoke to life insurance broker Reassured who teamed up with wedding and marriage experts to offer insight on some of the important factors newlyweds-to-be need to know, including whether or not you should take his or her last name, joint bank accounts, life insurance and beyond.

Notify all the Relevant Places

Sadly, it’s not just as simple as changing your name legally. You need to tell a bunch of places that you’ve done this such as your local GP and DVLA. This includes (but isn’t limited to!): your bank and credit card company, any insurers, and contracts you have, utilities and local council (for tax and voting purposes), local GP and DVLA as they will want to update your license – same with your passport.

In general, you will need to inform the authorities as soon as possible of your name change. You are, however, able to apply for a new passport three months before your wedding, but the new passport will only be valid after the ceremony.

Decide if you Want Joint Bank Accounts

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“Shouldn’t we have a joint bank account?” often gets brought up during conversations surrounding your wedding.

Jonathan Sidlin, Financial Planner and Managing Director of HSC Financial Advisers, says: “Possibly one of the most important financial decisions a newly married couple will make is whether to have a joint account or retain financial independence.

“As with everything, there are pros and cons. A joint account does enable a couple to plan their finances together, making sure they share the same desires for the future and taking the steps that will help them to achieve those goals. Furthermore, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will cover a joint account for up to £170,000.

“On the other hand, borrowing capacity may be affected if one of the couple has a poor credit rating, potentially restricting the options available to the couple. And, if the individuals have a different attitude towards money, for example, one liking to save and the other preferring to spend, it can be a cause for tension!

“If a couple does decide to open a joint account, they should remember that they are both jointly accountable for their finances – so in the same way that they have decided to tie their lives together, balancing out how their individual personalities complement each other, so the same decision needs to be taken regarding tying their finances together. Seeking financial advice at an early stage will help couples to make the decision.”

Get Wedding & Life Insurance

There are many different options for Life Cover, depending on the cover couples are looking for. It is important to understand all your options before taking out cover. In general, it is best to take out cover as early as possible – most people do this when getting married, taking out a mortgage, or when the first child is due.

Life insurance provides peace of mind when you’re settling down with a loved one and thinking of starting a family as it ensures that any potential debt is paid off should you pass, mortgages are paid off and dependants have a financially stable future.

Things to Remember After Your Wedding

Change Your Last Name (if you want to!)

The latest National Wedding Survey revealed that a whopping 20% of couples who married in 2021 decided to keep their name. While that shows the overwhelming majority are keeping the tradition alive and well, there is a strong group here bucking the trend.

In the UK you can change your name anytime once you’ve received your marriage certificate, so if you do want to – whether that’s double-barrelling, taking your partner’s name or creating a new one altogether, make sure you update your name legally if you do change it.

Send Thank you Notes to Guests

So, the big day is over, but now you’ll finally have the time to open your gifts and take stock of what you’ve been given. Make sure you keep track of who’s sent what so that your thank you cards are as accurate as possible!

Wedding gifts are not always expected, so it’s only polite to send your guests a little something to show how much you appreciate them thinking of you and your new husband or wife!

Have Your Outfits Professionally Cleaned

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There will be nothing worse than getting to that day in the future when you want to get your dress or suit out for a little reminiscence of the big day, only for it to still bear the red wine and grass stains from the day in question.

Wedding outfits often take one of the biggest chunks of the wedding budget, so while the wedding is fresh in your mind, get them professionally cleaned so you can look back on the outfit itself with happy memories when that time comes.

Things To Remember on the Day

Breakfast time!

Whether your ceremony takes place at 11am or 1pm, one of the key things to remember is that you’ll have an early start to get you and your girls through hair and makeup.

You won’t sit down to your wedding breakfast for a few hours afterwards, either, so fitting in a good breakfast is essential. How about a hamper of croissants, conserves and Champagne to get you started?

Surprise, surprise

Groom speech

It’s customary for you to give each other one final surprise before you say “I do”. Whether this comes in the form of a gift – try cufflinks or earrings to wear on the day – or simply a heartfelt note is entirely your choice. You can make it the task of your maid of honour and best man to deliver them.

Have some girly time

It might fly by and feel like a bit of a rush, but try your best to cherish the time shared with your mum and bridesmaids as you get ready. Let yourselves get a little teary (pre-makeup, of course!) and don’t forget to have photographs together too – especially one just with your mum, which might otherwise be forgotten.

With the mother of the bride also traditionally left out of the speeches, we think it’s a lovely touch to raise a toast to her during your wedding breakfast.

Pack a beauty bag

black bride makeup

Planning on hitting the dance floor or getting stuck into the garden games? Even the best makeup might need a little support to stay on top form.

Speak to your makeup artist so that you can match your products, and then ask a bridesmaid to carry a few essentials in their purse for you. Short on space? Lipstick, mascara and powder should see you through happily.

Emergency essentials

Comfortable guests are happy guests, so keep them in mind when writing your list of things to remember. Fill a basket with helpful items – things like plasters, safety pins and tissues. Seasonal saviours will also be welcomed – think a blanket basket in winter or flip flops, deodorant and fans for summer.

This can be pre-packed in advance, but make sure someone is on-hand to set it up at the venue before guests arrive. You might like to have a secret stash somewhere just for the bridal party, too.

Word perfect


If you’ve written your own vows or will be making a speech, make time for a final rehearsal on your wedding morning. Just repeating the words out loud will make them feel more familiar and you feel more confident, both in the run-up and when you come to deliver them for real.

Father-daughter time

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a good relationship with your dad and have him with you for your wedding day, don’t miss the chance to make memories just with him too. Perhaps you could pause for a moment before you turn and walk down the aisle together? Or revive the tradition of a father-daughter dance?

Remember timing

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While you might have a pretty upcycled pallet displaying your order of the day outside, it’s easy to be carried away in the moment and let those important timings slip.

We recommend asking an usher or bridesmaid to remind you when you should be cutting your cake, having your first dance or lighting the sparklers!

Take time out

Your wedding will be a whirlwind of happiness, love and lots going on, so it’s vital that you and your new spouse take a minute out together. You’ll have the chance to really appreciate the fact that you’ve just married each other. It’s also something our featured couples tell us time and again is one of their favourite memories from the day – to stop, stand back, and see the smiles of all their favourite people.

Say thank you

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To your friends and family who pitched in during the planning. Your bridesmaids for not grumbling at their fifth wedding fair in a row.

To your parents for supporting you. Yes, your wedding is a day about the two of you, but it wouldn’t be possible without a lot of other people too. That’s what makes it the perfect time to say a few meaningful thank yous.

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