Don’t get caught out by these common problems on your wedding day – be a savvy bride and get an insurance quote from

Wedding insurance might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning your big day, but with a little foresight, it becomes one of the easiest and most significant additions to any wedding planning checklist. It’s common to hear couples asking why they would need wedding insurance. At, the team has been busy crunching through statistics from all wedding insurance claims for 2014 to find out what’s most likely to go wrong while planning your day, and you might find that the results surprise you!

UK wedding claims

Over a quarter of claims received from UK weddings were related to lost supplier deposits, which could be as a result of key suppliers such as your venue or catering going into administration. A further 21% of claims were related to cancellation or rearrangement costs, meaning that if for any reason you have to change the date of your wedding (for example, if you or your h2b have a medical emergency), you could be looking at a hefty pricetag. According to data from, the average claim cost in these categories can even spiral into five figures.


Overseas wedding claims

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For couples marrying abroad, the rankings shuffle a little, but cancellation costs and costs related to suppliers’ deposits still claim high spots. Claims concerning photography and video costs top the chart with 25% of claims, and costs incurred from lost or damaged wedding rings come in at 17%.

The conclusion?

With such a large amount of claims falling into categories that are out of your control, it’s easy to see why couples are now choosing wedding insurance. An insurance policy from could cover your lost supplier deposits and costs for cancellation and rearrangement, and with only a small one-off payment of £16.12 for a bespoke policy to suit you and your partner, the benefits of insurance are a lot plainer to see!

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