From one generation to the next, these 9 simple secrets might just be the words of wisdom to inspire your own!


Plan parties

Similarly and inevitably planning allows the organisation we crave in our lives, to give you a sense of safe, enforce a routine and creating a constant. Well…guess what?! if you haven’t already worked it out – life is full of surprises…that aren’t about to get any less shocking which is exactly why we are telling you to do the opposite! Don’t be the path that keeps you on the straight and narrow – venture into wonderland, be the life and soul of the party; you will do what you are meant to do when the time is right…

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Have courage. Be kind

Be bold and do the things that scare you.
Do something out of character for just a moment, be spontaneous, fight for what you believe, feel independent, be the first to make a move, sky-dive in memory of that person you loved, do what it takes to resolve a situation. In whatever shape that may take, be fearless and inspire others to live with this view. No pain, no gain!


Find strength in your weakness

When we reflect or measure our own experience, often and understandably, we only take into consideration the achievements and the rewards. Least of all the things we wish we had done differently when in actual fact its the priceless acquisition of wisdom by decision to acknowledge where we may have made a bad call along the way. These allow us to reflect, discover and flourish into better versions of ourselves, if only we choose to learn rather than live them.


Don’t go back on a decision you made for a reason.

Never settle, always strive…
The expression ‘Listen to your gut’ has alot more merit in it than you think! You’ve thought something for a reason and usually without actually thinking! You just know.


Be appreciative

The small things and the big, appreciate and show your appreciation to people – we all seek praise in one way or another and is usually alot better received than this person will ever let on. We promise relationships will flourish and the token returned.


Do what makes YOU happy

Starting with your parents and teachers alike, during your childhood you will have many influential characters who will teach even preach, ‘the correct way’ according to personal experiences. Let us tell you every one of the them is as relevant as is useless. The pursuit of happiness is something we all strive for and in the views of many something we learn as we get older is to allow yourself to also relish in the moments we fear won’t last or won’t contribute to financial goals.


Embrace spirituality, even if your not religious

The willingness to immerse or acknowledge another’s opinions, cultures or rituals will leave you feeling a lot more grounded and open-mined. Inquisitive about life, accepting and mindful – whether you are the least religious person in the room or not, the immersion of your surroundings unfamiliar to that of your own preference may be just the perspective you were looking for that can be applied to many instances in your life. You can learn a lot from the people who share different values and ideals who may or may not be more or less intellectual, beautiful, active and generous…


Be interested and interesting

You will meet a lot of people in your lifetime and simultaneously you will initiate, engage, savour and even part at some point with many different natured relationships – The greatest people and icons are remembered for their contribution, discovery, interest and ability to learn what the next person may not. Start the conversation, learn to love knowledge – you never know who, where or what it might lead you to. Think of it as a pub quiz…your general knowledge with give you the best chance!


Be selfish and selfless

Whilst we want you to grow up to be loving and considerate, we also want to take that once in a lifetime trip abroad, relish in being young with fewer responsibilities and take advantage all of the pursuits you can, wholeheartedly. Just remember to check in on your parents and help that elderly person across the street every once in a while! – the little things go along way to making someone’s day…