We’ve all heard the phrase ‘bridezilla’, and even though you’re sure you won’t EVER get like that with your wedding planning, it can hit you when you least expect it.

We’ve got the worst things that your h2b could possibly stay when you’re in bridezilla-mode. And grooms, if you’re reading this: take note and spare yourselves!


“It doesn’t matter that much”

Whether it’s the venue you’re stressing over or something a little smaller like which confetti colours to choose, he should not utter this phrase. All it will result in is you questioning him if he really cares about this wedding, you suggesting that he plans the entire thing, and a really, really scared-looking groom-to-be. We think he’d prefer to avoid that one.

“Can we just go home?”

When you’re out shopping for your wedding bits and bobs, you understand that you might be taking a bit longer looking at tablecloths than he’d like, and pushing for a more informative opinion on the cloth’s print that he just doesn’t have, but you want to make your wedding perfect. The last thing he should do is turn all sulky toddler-like on you and ask to go home.

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“We can do it tomorrow”

It’s fair enough that you want to get things done – that to-do list for your big day is an absolute killer! Because of this, you want help. When he’s lying on the sofa, refusing to come with you to check out the venue because he’s in the middle of a Fifa game, it’s only going to unleash that inner bridezilla. Consider that Xbox out the window.

“No one will even notice”

You don’t care if no one’s going to notice the handmade chairbacks that you’re carefully making, (and getting an ickle bit stressed out about… maybe). The point is that YOU will notice it.

“The dress cost how much?!”

… DON’T EVEN GO THERE. Mentioning the dress price is a no-go zone… seriously. And he shouldn’t even consider about asking why you don’t just use a pair of shoes you’ve already got.

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“Are you sure you want to eat that?”

Whilst you may have been going on about wanting to lose weight for the big day and the trials and tribulations of that diet you’re trying out, the moment you’ve got a slice of (really delicious) pizza edging closer to your face is not the time to bring it up. Unless he wants cheesy pepperoni pieces sliding down his face in a matter of seconds… oh, and no sharesies on the Dairy Milk you bought for pudding.

“I don’t care”

It doesn’t matter how many shops you’ve dragged him around, how many links you’ve sent him over Facebook, or how many times you ask his opinion, his answer should never, EVER be “I don’t care”. Even the slightest and most pointless comments on the colour of the napkins are better – “They’re pink” will even do, just not those three dreaded, and oh-so-risky, words. Don’t even joke about it!

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“Calm down!”

“Calm down” is a forbidden phrase whenever you are in a mood, unless you want to risk your head being bitten off – surely he’s learnt that by now? We know, we know: it’s strange that being told to calm down leads women to react in totally the opposite way, but it’s what happens. It’s one of the many very confusing traits of the female species – it’s just something boys have got to deal with.

It’s true, you are in a slightly irrational way when you’re in bridezilla-mode, but that doesn’t mean that these things are okay to say. Spare the silly arguments and let him know that these phrases should never leave his mouth during wedding planning – tag him!