You’re engaged! The prosecco and champagne corks are popping and there’s excitement in the air. In the same breath as “Can I see the ring?”, your loved ones ask “When are you getting married?”. For some couples, this maybe an easy question. But, many couples won’t have even thought about this yet. So, take a deep breath and really consider when you will be setting your wedding date. Here are a couple of tips to help you do this and set the date for your special day – while keeping your nearest and dearest on side.


Time of year

One of the first things you may want to consider when setting your date is the time of year. Do you want a winter wedding with a roaring open fire or a relaxed and casual beach wedding during the summer months? If you have one particular element in mind that you absolutely want for your wedding for example a particular flower, the seasonality of that product may determine the time of year you will be able to source these at their best! The season will also help determine whether it can be an indoor or outdoor wedding which can influence the venue you pick for the ceremony and the reception if not together.



A date to suit everyone

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This can be very tricky. On your special day you want to be surrounded by all your loved ones but finding a date that works for everyone can be the most challenging part of organising a wedding. However there are simple apps available, like Doodle, that can help solve the problem. Simply set up a wedding date poll, add all your proposed dates and then send the invitation link to everyone in the bridal party – the people that you truly wouldn’t want to be without on your wedding day. Your bridal party simply selects the times they’re available and the clever tool works out the date everyone can do. You could even use this app to organise the date for your hen do as well!

Doodle App calculates a date for everyone


Doodle app invites your guests to vote for the best date

Home or abroad

The dream of having a wedding abroad is now more attainable for many couples. However, sometimes planning a wedding in a foreign country can become quite difficult, especially if you don’t speak the local language. Hiring a local wedding planner can solve these headaches. Find out if they are able to help you with the legal paperwork. And if your prospective planner will liaise with local suppliers to get you the best deals available. Also ask for references and photos of their work. Many of the bigger hotels will have an events co-ordinator or wedding manager who will be able to help you too – so remember to enquire as much as you can.

Most importantly… don’t forget that organising your wedding should be enjoyable so make sure you have fun along the way too!