The World’s Best Kept Secret Honeymoon In South Africa…

Honeymoon in South Africa? Your wish is our command! Madagascar’s sugar-white beaches, unique culture and unbelievable geography make this nature-abundant oasis the best kept honeymoon secret for newlyweds right now. We asked luxury safari specialists, Africa Odyssey, to share the spots for unrivalled views, life-changing experiences and perfect pit-stops for the ultimate Madagascan encounter.

Honeymoon in South Africa: Africa Odyssey

Wildlife on your doorstep

For loved-up nature enthusiasts, Madagascar more than delivers on some of the world’s most unique ecological wonders. The lemur is probably the best known of its animals, but it’s also a haven for more than 100 different types of birds, reptiles and orchids. Between June and November, Manafiafy is a prime migration spot for humpback whales that can be viewed from land or boat. Not to mention the chance to spot the adorable antics of bottle nosed dolphins!

Honeymoon in South Africa: Africa Odyssey

Extraordinary culture

A blend of South East Asian and African cultures, Madagascar is known for its warm and hospitable local people. Try your combined hands at traditional sphere fishing on the paradise beaches of Tsarabanjina, be treated to the indigenous dances and rituals of the Antandroy tribe in the wild surroundings of Mandrada River Camp.

Unforgettable landscape

With terrain that includes idyllic beaches, sandstone canyons, volcanic rock, rainbow coral reefs and rich, red soil that gives the country its nickname ‘Red Island’, it’s hard to overstate the natural variety Madagascar offers. For something more unusual, head south for Ifotaka, with its eerie forest. There awaits five species of lemur, spiky octopus trees and strange and wonderful indigenous flora and fauna. 95% of which you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Discover the wonders

Madagascar’s UNESCO-protected stone forest is so special it deserves a category of its own. Known as the Tsingy, these 50-metre-high, razor-sharp limestone peaks were created by millions of years of erosion. Steps, boardwalks and suspension bridges have been installed across the terrain. Alternatively helicopter trips can be arranged for a bird’s eye view of this natural wonder.


Honeymooners in South Africa: Africa Odyssey


Get Close, Get Active

Almost any other wildlife holiday in Africa will involve a large amount of vehicle travel. But Madagascar offers the chance to explore on foot and up close and personal with the diverse wildlife and landscape. Walks can range from a gentle stroll through the rainforest to organised hiking through the Tsingy. There are also ample diving, mountain biking, kite-surfing, kayaking, rock-climbing, and fishing opportunities.


Honeymoon in South Africa: Africa Odyssey

Authentic and unrivalled accommodation

Whilst the landscape is wild, there’s no shortage of honeymoon luxury in Madagascar when it comes to accommodation. The Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge, for instance, seamlessly blends a beautiful sandy bay with lush rainforest and mangroves. In the south, the secluded Mandrare River Camp offers an authentic wildlife and cultural experience in seven semi-permanent “glamp” style tents. All are fully en-suite, with a private terrace overlooking the river. The food and service are excellent and the wildlife viewing second-to-none.

If you’re planning a trip to the Tsingy, then the stylish, environmentally-friendly Soleil des Tsingy hotel is excellent value. Looking for some beach-time? Nosy Be offers a range of options for all budgets. If you’re seeking true paradise on earth, Nosy Tsarabanjina’s beautiful beaches and sparkling waters are hard to beat.

And if money is no object, then consider the outstanding Miavana, located on the private island of Nosy Ankao, designed by the same team behind the Seychelles’ North Island.  Also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s honeymoon destination! Be prepared for some of the best marine biodiversity you’ll ever see…