Brides looking for something a little different on their wedding day, TA-DAH! One of the newest wedding trends out there is going dress-less with bridal jumpsuits, playsuits or separates.

Love it? Well then, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you, to any bridesmaid out there, and to people who just love fashion, the amazing House of Ollichon.


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House of Ollichon are thrilled to announce the arrival of the first dress-less bridal collection, and we’re pretty excited too.”Dress-less?” you may ask. Yes, dress-less! They offer brides and bridesmaids from all over a range of luxury jumpsuits, playsuits and combos all handmade in England.

Perfect for brides that are having a low-key ceremony or celebration, brides that want to let loose on the dancefloor in something a little more comfortable, or brides that want to see themselves or their bridesmaids looking majorly sexy and chic. All around, House of Ollichon’s creations are just pretty darn perfect.


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Get inspired

What inspired such beautiful pieces of clothing? We’ve got Hannah, the founder of House of Ollichon to explain a little bit more…

I was so lucky to marry my lovely, French husband twice. After a very simple ‘friends only’ registry office do, followed by a big wedding in France, I had experience both ends of the wedding spectrum.

And so the story began…A big dress seemed too much fuss for Islington Town Hall, but I still wanted something special (that wouldn’t add another line to our budget!). I had already spent a fortune on my gown for our main wedding; which I then ruined by dancing until 6am. I just WISH I had changed so I could have gone even more bonkers on the dancefloor and resold it afterward.



Jump around

Hannah wasn’t the only one with this vision though. You may have seen yourself that Solange, Olivia and Amal all opted for something a little quirkier; the dress-less option. Today, alternatives to wedding dresses are limited to mainly ‘break the bank’ designers or high street options that just aren’t always up there as something you want to celebrate your big day in.

For your big day, you want something that sticks within your budget and you want something that has certain special touches that every bride desires and deserves!


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Not just bridal wear…

House of Ollichon creations are so versatile too. Not only do the playsuits, jumpsuits and separates in the range work for bridesmaids as well as brides, they work for after the big day, too. Team with the right accessories and you’re good to go, making them even better value for money! And it really is the best of the best…

Bringing her adopted French roots to the designs, Hannah has scoured beautiful French bridal lace from the famous Dentelle region in northern France and is proud that House of Ollichon uses quality European fabrics like luxury Italian tissutos, English crepes and 100% silk organzas.

And the best bit? Every single piece is made with a huge amount of love, care and experience right here by hand in England.

If you’re liking/LOVING what you see (which we’re guessing you probably are), check out the gallery below and get on over to and see what other goodies they’ve got for you.




House of Ollichon collection