An undone bun or a softly disheveled style for shorter hair

Zoe Irwin, GHD UK Ambassador, says: “Waves in hair work very well for this last minute panic situation, as once the hair has movement it can be styled more easily and so there is less opportunity for disaster. My failsafe style that everyone can master is an undone soft bun, that sits either in the middle of the back or for a more vintage feel at the base of the neck to the side . I would advise practising for this scenario so that if your hairdresser doesn’t turn up you have a practiced your back-up style and have the tools ready to create it yourself.”

1 tool | GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand, £120

1 product | GHD Root Lift Spray, £12.95

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Mist GHD Root Lift Spray closely to the roots of the hair and then as a lighter mist through the mid lengths and ends, then blow-dry this into your hair. The Root Lift Spray will give texture, hold the style in place and make styling it so much simpler.

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Take sections of hair and wrap them around the larger part of the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand.

Wrap hair around the wand starting 4 cms from the roots and leave the ends out by gently holding onto the last few cms between your fingers .

Run your fingers through the waves for a softer undone look or brush through for a more dressed finish. Then take all the hair in your hands to form a ponytail and wrap around an elastic to secure.

Gently twist the ponytail and wrap around the base, taking hairpins to secure the hair every few cms.

Softly pull out the bun when it has been pinned up for an undone look – you can also pull out sections around the face for further softness.

For shorter hair repeat these steps until the ponytail stage. Hair will have a full texture, with a natural look and pretty wave. Add GHD Final Shine Spray for added shine.

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