It’s no secret that the wonderful world-wide web is an absolute goldmine of wedding planning tips and advice; top tips for this, dos and don’ts for that and 1 million things you MUST know about the other. Whilst terribly useful, you may be forgiven for thinking that all this information is a touch overwhelming.

We’ve got World of Wedmin to compile a collection of ultimate tips from 10 of their favourite suppliers. If their pearls of wisdom inspire you, you can get in touch with them here

Take time out between your wedding and your honeymoon. A week, or even a month will allow time to fully absorb the excitement of marriage, relax and allow for another exciting climax as you wait for departure day‘ – Rebbeca, Perfectmoon Travel Club


Your fiancé is marrying YOU so be yourself. Stay true to yourself and your style. Keep your make-up and dress ‘you but on a good day’ and you will feel confident, relaxed and you will shine on your wedding day‘ – Lindsay, Dress in Love Weddings

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Be sure to steal a moment alone as newlyweds‘ – Alexandra, The Bijou Bride

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Musicians become better value the longer you have them for. The first house is the most expensive so why not make the most of having them and use the same musicians for your ceremony and reception‘ – Robin, Music Students for Hire

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Head out again with your photographer after dinner to capture some incredible images in what we call the ‘golden hour’. Splitting your time between afternoon and evening gives you a range of images that can include amazing and atmospheric sunsets!‘ – Ross Hurley Photography

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Ask your guests to help out. Perhaps you know a graphic designer who could design your invitations or a wonderful baker who could make your cake. This both saves the pennies but also adds a personal touch. Your guests will be thrilled that you asked, I’m sure!‘ – Olivia, Host Event Management

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When it comes to wording your invitations, be sure to check your spelling and grammar and have a friend or family member look it over too. Simple mistakes can lead to costly reprints, which eat into your wedding budget!‘ – Jenny, Hip Hip Hooray

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If you’re planning a destination wedding, be prepared to visit your chosen location at least twice – once for research and again for tastings and meeting with suppliers. If that’s not possible, assign the job to a wedding planner who will be your man-on-the-ground; a seeing eye for when you cannot be there yourself‘ – Yana, Peach Perfect Weddings

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I always encourage my couples to use Pinterest for inspiration, but please resist the temptation to try and copy other people’s photographs – remember, your special day will be unique, and your wedding photos should reflect that‘ – San, Sanshine Photography

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Don’t be scared of expensive flowers for your big day! Flowers like phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea and gypsophila are more expensive, but they also cover more space and have a greater impact. One bunch of gypsophila can have a greater impact than a dozen roses! A few expensive blooms arranged cleverly rather than mountains of cheap blooms will save you money and add style‘ – Natasha, The Flower Fashion

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