We all know the feeling, you’ve been on a diet for ages you lost a fair bit of weight at the beginning and you were feeling really motivated but now you’ve plateaued and don’t seem to be losing any more weight at all, even though you’re sticking really strictly to your diet.

bridal bootcamp

Kick start your weightloss

One way of getting things moving is to join a special slimming boot camp in the lead up to your wedding.

What’s a slimming boot camp? Well, generally it’s a venue where exercise and a healthy diet are tailored to your needs and are combined to help you to lose pounds and inches. It’s residential and you’ll probably stay for a week so you will get into the groove of the whole weightloss thing.

We’ve done a round-up of boot camps in different parts of the UK and abroad so you can see what’s on offer.

Somerset Classic Bootcamp

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From the outside, this elegant Georgian mansion looks like a dream country house hotel where you can relax and indulge. Don’t be fooled, it may be luxurious but this boot camp boasts an average weightloss of 9lbs and 9 inches in a week and you’ll earn it.

You’ll undergo 10-12 hours of intense physical training every day with hikes in the Somerset countryside to refresh your mind as well as your body. You can set your own goals – whether nutritional and/or physical with a personal coach and follow your preferred diet. The camp caters for all levels of fitness – from beginners to the most athletic types so there’s no excuse not to get involved.

Somerset Classic Bootcamp is just two hours train journey from London and prices start at £633 per person which includes all food, drinks and training. You can find more details here.


No1 Bootcamp

On the bracing Norfolk coastline (or if you fancy it, Ibiza) you’ll find No1 Bootcamp, where a typical day would start like this…

  • 06.00am – Get up
  • 06.30am – Run or brisk walk to the beach and back
  • 07.30am – Healthy breakfast
  • 08.30am – Boxercise
  • 10.00am – Snack and a short break
  • 10.30am – Circuit training
  • 12:00pm – Lunch and a much-needed break
  • 13.30pm – A long hike in the countryside
  • 16.30pm – Team games and exercises
  • 17.30pm – Stretching and similar exercises
  • 19.30pm – A well deserved gourmet dinner

After dinner you get to relax, chat with the other boot campers or spend time on your own recovering (if you’re not asleep already). Prices at this bootcamp start at £995 for a week, although they also have weekend options and midweek options if you’re short of time and money.

Trimmer You Bootcamp

If you’re feeling a bit less hardcore than Norfolk then how about doing one in Spain at the aptly named Trimmer You Bootcamp? You’ll be staying in a beautiful villa with indoor and outdoor heated pools, sauna and hot tub and luxurious living areas.

You’re going to have to work, though, a typical day consists of 10 hours training, including morning PT, beach workouts and hiking, team sports, circuit training, interval training, military activities and aqua aerobics.

Prices start at £995 and include flights, transfers, drinks, accommodation, food and training. Don’t worry about your ability level as the instructors will alter the training to suit you.

Brealy Bootcamps

If you’re short of time and/or money then how about trying a one-day boot camp to get your motivation running? You can use one as a boost to your regular training or to get you started. Brealy Bootcamps run a one-day course from £70 that lasts six hours, during which time you’ll have activities like Pilates, jogging, metabolic training, team games, boxing circuits and kettlebell training.

One thing we really like about bootcamps is that they teach you how to eat healthily, what are good food choices and what sort of diet is likely to work best for you. If you are a fan of snacking while you’re at your desk at work, you’ll discover how you can snack healthily and also how to avoid those hunger pangs that can lead to an all-out binge. You’ll also learn how to exercise healthily while pushing yourself to your limits but avoiding injury. Really, you’re learning new techniques to help you create, manage and maintain your new figure and lifestyle.

Plus, how great will it feel when you get home after a few days to feel fitter, stronger and with your clothes much looser!