Always dreamed of a festival style wedding? We have the chicest of solutions… As we prepare to unfurl the summer wardrobe and the sound of Pimm’s being mixed and ‘clinked’ with satisfaction, our minds are turning to two things: weddings and festivals. This got us thinking. Why not, for 2016, do something different and combine them? Yes, that’s right, a festival style wedding complete with location, serene setting and luxury tented accommodation. Bespoke company Camp Kerala can make that all happen for your big day and more!

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We are very excited to share with you a company that is tailor made for this experience! It suddenly seems like a no-brainer. Two of the hottest tickets in the summer calendar, festivals and weddings are a match made in heaven. They both bring together friends, family, music and the great outdoors. Camp Kerala launched at Glastonbury Festival in 2005 and swiftly became unquestionably one of most glamorous places to be in the UK” (Vogue).

With its beautiful Shikar tents (imported from India and decorated with sumptuous double beds, sheepskin rugs, exquisite Rajasthani furniture and fresh lilies), it brought to festivals the like of luxury that had never been seen before.

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It has changed the festival landscape, working at the forefront of the experiential luxury industry to create and mould the type of events that are completely unprecedented. This is luxury with a smile. The kind of world where going above and beyond the call of duty is the modus operandi meaning the perfect environment, you could say, for the biggest day of you life!

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Having taken its show on the road and sprinkled their magic dust on some of the leading festivals and events around the world, Camp Kerala is launching into a whole new area: weddings.

It is a bespoke service, tailor made to your desires… able to take in any venue or location. Nothing is too much trouble, and it is the “bolt ons” that can make your wedding the wedding of the year. From its famous chill-out bar to a salon, spa, massage parlour, fancy dress emporium “tent-service” and much, much more, Camp Kerala is many amazing things to its loyal and adoring clientele: a boutique hotel, a renowned party, and a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends with gourmet food and delicious cocktails. Camp Kerala is the ultimate in chic for a boho themed experience for you and your guests without compromising quality and luxury! – Only the very best for the occasion, it is the perfect platform for a wedding. Your wedding!

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