Agnes Los from guides us through her A to Z of romantic touches for wedding receptions. If you haven’t seen part one yet, you can check it out here.

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N is for Nude

Need an original idea for a colour theme? Go for nude and powder blue – like the sky at dusk or a watercolour painting. Use blush-hued flowers for your centrepieces, blue tablecloths, nude/beige favours and napkins, and drape a canopy of light blue tulle over the top table.

O is for Opulence

Lavish your guests with tonnes of romance and go for a royal look. Gold candelabras with tall tapered candles, gold cutlery and favours, red napkins, flowers and table runners. Ask your guests to dress in black tie and you’ll have an unforgettable event!


P is for Pictures

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Have a photo book made with pictures of you and hubby-to-be taken since you met, during the relationship, up to and including your engagement photoshoot. Pass the book around at the reception so the guests can enjoy the story of your romance!

Q is for Quotes

This is a very romantic table decor idea! Place famous love quotes around your reception venue and get your guests to guess who said the quote!

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R is for Rose petals

Some lovely and romantic decor ideas include, petals and candles for reception table centre pieces, rose petal table runners, floating petals in fishbowl centrepieces or beautiful rose garlands – these looks especially beautiful in marquees!

S is for Sweetheart table

All eyes are on you on your wedding day, so make your top table for two”and share it only with your hubby. Put your family and the bridal party together at a table right next to yours.

travel table names

T is for Travel

Show the journeys you have taken together by tucking a picture of the two of you at various worldwide locations into the table number holders, and name the tables after the meaningful places you have visited together.

U is for Umbrellas

Rain or shine, umbrellas make fantastic photo accessories! Ask your guests to bring them for group shots and get yourself an ultra-romantic Edwardian lace parasol for very stylish portraits with your hubby!


V is for Vases

Not just for your tables! Decorate the entrance to your venue or reception room by placing a giant glass vase at each side of the door. Place pebbles at the bottom, fill with water, add some floating heart-shaped candles and rose petals on top and you’ve got a romantic centre piece that won’t cost the earth!

W is for Waterside venues

If you’re lucky to be getting wed by the water, consider these romantic ideas: arrive at the reception by boat, have pictures taken on the pier at sunset, or float candles and Chinese lanterns on the water after dusk.

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X is for Ex

For many, this would be the exact opposite of romance! There’s a reason they’re an “ex” – leave the past in the past, and think only of your future together.

Y is for Yellow

Yellow coupled with pink and gray makes an incredibly romantic wedding theme! Give it all a pastel look, or for a stronger colour statement vamp up the yellow or the pink a few shades brighter – perfect for all four seasons!

Z is for Zoo

Consider getting wed at a zoo… they usually have very impressive grounds, keep the guests entertained for hours, and you’ll get incredibly romantic and unusual pictures in the butterfly house, the aviary, or the aquarium.