A wedding is all about love – it’s a day when romance and fun takes place above everything else! Agnes Los from confetti.co.uk has come up with some inspirational ideas on how you can add romantic touches to your own wedding reception, including ideas for venues, cakes, accessories and so much more!

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A is for Appliqué

Appliqués are everywhere this year, and not just on dresses! Look for stationery and decorations with appliqué lace touches – they will not only lend your theme a romantic touch, they will also give an on-trend handmade look.

B is for Butterflies

Light as air, feminine and charming, butterflies are romance on wings! If you don’t want a whole butterfly theme, just a few paper butterflies delicately dotted on your floral centrepieces will create a romantic garden feel to your reception.


C is for Cupcakes

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We’ve never heard of a wedding where cupcakes weren’t a big hit – it’s a no-fail option! Make them ultra-romantic by adding kiss-shaped icing in your chosen colour scheme, or finish them off with a chocolate heart on each one.

D is for Diamonds

Follow the “less is more” rule when comes to creating a romantic mood – drape diamond garlands over your centrepieces, use engagement ring shaped napkin holders, or artfully scatter just a few clear crystal gems on your tables to give them an extra bit of a sparkle.

E is for English garden

Invoke a feeling of romantic nostalgia by decorating your venue with field flowers, theme your stationery around some of your favourite flowers, serve tea from real porcelain teapots, and finish off your look with flowers in your bridesmaids’ hair.

F is for Family

It’s incredibly romantic to include pictures of weddings from your grandparents, parents, and even older siblings in your own wedding. Put them in beautiful frames at both ends of your top table, or place them near your guestbook for all of your guests to enjoy.

G is for Garland

For a really romantic touch, use white tulle gathered with flowers or strings of hearts, and tuck a few buds or hearts into the folds. For that extra-special touch, use flowers that have a special meaning to you both.

H is for Heart

We love hearts in colours other than red, and in unexpected places – heart-shaped favours, or if you fancy a spot of DIY, make tiny stuffed fabric hearts and hang one on the back of your guests chair in your favourite colour!

intimate wedding

I is for Intimate

Small receptions pack an extra dose of romance – all guests are genuinely your closest friends and family, a far more relaxed and loving atmosphere. There’s more freedom with a smaller venue, and many romantic and unusual ones to choose from – ever thought about an art gallery?

J is for Jewellery

We’re just not talking bridal jewellery here! Instead of funny socks or an iPad, get your groom a signet ring, and have it engraved with anything he wishes. This will can be a gorgeous family heirloom for future generations of your family.

kir royale

K is for Kir Royale

It’s not called “royal” for nothing! This beautifully coloured red-coloured cocktail made of Champagne and Crème de Cassis (or white wine and raspberry liqueur) is perfect for romantically toasting the bride and groom on their wedding day.

L is for Lanterns

Just picture intricately crafted paper or metal lanterns illuminating your tables with a soft light, they’re an excellent alternative to floral centrepieces. Add some drama by placing them on round mirrored bases, which reflect the light.

M is for Mood lighting

Forget harsh white light. Indoors, it’s all about a warm flattering glow to help create a romantic atmosphere. Think flickering candles or LED tealights, and if possible, ask the venue to replace the overhead lights with pink and yellow bulbs.

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