So you’ve picked your bridesmaids for the big day and you couldn’t be happier with your choices, but often your best girls will have their own worries that can get forgotten… lg1309sep281

I don’t know any of the other bridesmaids, am I going to be left out?

If you’ve picked a friend from work and a friend you’ve known since school to be part of the bridal party, odds are they’re not going to know each other! Set up a Whatsapp group for all your maids to talk to each other in one place and even arrange a night out that has nothing to do with the wedding planning so everyone can meet properly.


Should I offer to pay for my dress?

Your bridesmaids would have thought about this countless times since you announced the engagement to talking about what theme you’re going for. Make sure you let them know from the get-go who’s going to be paying for what, just so they know if they need to put some money aside for it!

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Do I need to prepare a speech or reading?

While it’s mainly the best man and father of the bride who take centre stage to tell tales of both you and your partner, it’s now become increasingly popular for your bridesmaids – or the maid of honour, at least – to say a few words, too. If you’re opting for this modern way of thinking, make sure you check your bridesmaids are comfortable talking in front of so many people, and don’t take offence if she says no.  OGNH-162

Can I choose my own accessories and dress?

Even if your bridesmaids aren’t paying for their outfits, always consider their own style and personal taste – what suits you may not necessarily suit them, after all! If you’re opting for jewellery  for your maids, why not save some money and offer it as their bridesmaid gift?

Where do I even start with the hen party?

Don’t leave your best girls in the dark when it comes to planning your hen do, offer them ideas of the sort of thing you would like to do – and even help with the organising. It’ll take the pressure of everyone and you’ll end up having more fun if you’re doing something you actually want to do!

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Do I have to go to everything?

Chances are your bridal party is going to be scattered all across the country, so if you’re planning on having a few get togethers before the big day don’t be offended if people can’t always make it! Try to find a middle point that everyone can travel to easily – it means you get to see your girls altogether as much as possible and you get to explore a little, too. Amy & Adam-1001

How can I be supportive on my best friends big day?

Let your friends know if you’re getting anxious or stressed, that way they’ll know what to do when it finally comes to the moment of ‘I do’. If you don’t tell them, how are they meant to know if you’re overwhelmed or feeling pressured? Communication is key! Sam-Richy-21

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