Does the thought of having your picture taken fill you with dread? Fear not! Top photographer Martin Hill reveals his top 10 wedding day poses that every bride and groom can master with little or no practice…


The Giggle

As easy as that, you just have to giggle! I like to position my bride in great light and then ask the bridesmaid to gather behind her. The bride will simply look towards the light and everyone on command just giggle. It works like a dream and the end picture looks very relaxed and natural.

The Classic

We’ve all seen this pose a million times, but it does still work for those brides who really don’t want to pose in any way, shape or form. Simply stand tall and rotate towards the light source, whether it’s a window or in most cases with me some awesome flash light. No eye contact is required, this in itself allows the bride not to feel so self conscious. Holding the bouquet gives you something to do with your hands.


The Stroll

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What could be easier than a simple stroll? I like to get my brides and grooms to wander off for a walk. The important thing is some form of contact between the two of them. I’m then looking out for some symmetry between the legs when walking – being in perfect step makes the picture.

The Tea Pot

This one’s for the more confident bride and does take a little practice in the mirror at home. Simply roll one knee towards the other to create a K position and then place one hand on the hip to create the tea pot handle. Done well, this pose can look very elegant and will look great in any bride’s wedding album.


Tender Touch

I ask my bride and groom to cuddle and face towards each other. Eye contact is crucial as the eyes don’t lie and I then ask the bride to gently touch her husband’s face. At that point you get great connection and wonderful chemistry.

The Whisper

This is one of my favourite poses and very easy to create. The groom is in the rear of the shot and he is positioned behind the right of the bride’s shoulder. Having a wall or bookcase for him to lean against, makes for a sturdy pose and will give him confidence. The bride then backs into him and turns her head slightly to the right. He then just has to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She will laugh, guaranteed – and that’s your picture point. Trust me, I’ve heard all sorts of things!

The Twilight

Always a fun shot to do, The Twilight pose will fill the air with passion. Lighting is key here and it requires a strong backlight to give it that twilight feel. I ask the bride to play hard to get – he is only allow to go so far, no contact is allowed.

The Mob

One for the boys! Lads love to look tough and gangster-like, so I set a scene to facilitate this. The scenario is a mob meet – cigars, whiskey and a bad attitude is all that is needed to execute this shot. Smoke is then added in post production to finish off the scene.


The Vista

My signature shot! A great location is key for this picture. Using a vista scene can really tell a story of where the bride and groom are during their wedding journey. A gaze towards a light source finishes the shot perfectly.

The Swish

The Swish is my favourite of all bridal poses and done correctly, it can look incredible. Of course, it requires a wedding dress that has plenty of swish factor! All the bride has to do is gather the dress on one side and pretend she is in a Latin dance! It often takes a few takes, but the end result is worth every click.


So as you can see, posing for wedding photographs, or indeed any pictures, doesn’t have to be hard or cringe worthy. You can create a very natural feel to an image by simply by using some very simple techniques – and by trusting your photographer. Have you downloaded your list of must-take wedding shots? Do it now!