“May I have the attention of the room please?” Announces of one the waiters. “We have an important announcement to make.” What comes next is a bit of a surprise to the wedding guests, as the Secret Singers spring into action with an energetic mix of specially chosen songs and a performance guaranteed to get the party started. But what makes a Secret Singer? The boys behind this exciting entertainment team reveal all…


Secret singing talents

The most important thing we look for when discovering new talent, is professional training. From our personal experience, the best performers are the ones that have been trained at some of the most prestigious theatre schools in the UK.

To even get into theatre school is an accomplishment in itself. Performers compete against thousands of other applicants, for just a handful of places. Discipline, technique, performance and perfection are drilled into you for up to three exhausting years and set you up with the tools and drive to succeed in the entertainment business. For us, it’s these trained professionals that we want to integrate into our team of Secret Singers.

A tailor-made experience

What comes next is a neverending list of songs to learn, as we offer you complete flexibility when you’re booking. You know your guests better than we do, so we think that it’s only fair to give you free reign on what we should sing at your wedding. We always have sample set lists on hand, which combine sing-a-long favourites with party and swing classics, that go down well at all occasions.

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The next step is to organise teams to go out and liaise with the wedding venue and caterers. We make sure that we all have the correct uniforms and know the schedule of the wedding, long before the event.

We always aim to get to the venue long before the guests arrive, giving us ample time to set up and sound check the equipment. In our opinion, the less people that know, the better! If this means setting off on a seven-hour car journey at 6am to get to the venue on time, then it must be done. It’s the not-so glamorous side of the job, but the end result is always worth it!


It’s all about your big day

What matters the most to us is you. We work closely with you to make sure you’re completely happy with everything that we can add to your most special day.

Entertainment plays such a huge part at any wedding and we think you deserve exceptional service from beginning to end. You choose the songs, the type of reveal and how many Secret Singers you would like to have at your big day. Once the performance has finished, we don’t disappear for the evening, we can entertain you throughout the night, with our fantastic evening shows and DJs. We always aim to meet and exceed your expectations.

To find out more about the Secret Singers and how they can make your big day even more amazing, visit their website.