With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are inevitably going to be some proposals going on…

You’ve met the right girl, second and triple-guessed whether she’s the one, and decided to demolish your savings. The average engagement ring is just over £3,000, but carat isn’t the most important of the four Cs of choosing a diamond engagement ring. A Suit That Fits have a few pointers to help plan the perfect proposal

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Find out what she wants

Browse traditional and online jewellery stores and get a feel for what’s out there. Then, think about what suits her personality and what other kinds of jewellery she likes. If necessary, recruit her best friend to make the process more painless, but selecting the ring yourself will get you more brownie points.

Ring sizes

Before you can buy the ring to propose with, you need to size up her finger. The most discreet option is best. While your girlfriend lies blissfully slumbered, you can wrap a piece of paper or string around her finger and mark her size that way. If you bring this into a jeweller they can help you find her ring size. You will get more brownie points if you select the ring yourself.

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Become best friends with her parents

While you don’t have to ask for Pop’s permission to marry his daughter, most parents would appreciate a heads-up. Anything casual will do, a simple coffee or lunch. They should be thrilled. If not, they suck, and that’s not your problem.

Picking a proposal spot

Whether it’s the first place you met, or the pub you head to every Saturday, it’s not only a great location for you to propose because of its sentimental value, but even more importantly, you’ll know what to expect there. Minimizing variables is key.

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Dressing the part

Dressing the part is crucial for any engagement. Proposing in your PJs is not ‘adorable’, if you’re asking for her hand in marriage, look presentable, please!

What to say

This is often the tricky part. You don’t need to write a novel or anything, but choose a few basic things to share beforehand; why you love her, why you want to spend the rest of your life with her and how you’ll feel if she accepts. No matter what, make sure you ask the actual question multiple times – the shock of the situation may not immediately elicit that ‘yes’ you are so anxiously waiting to hear.

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Hopefully after that stage, the sweat will be off your brow and you won’t need any more pointers! Your happily ever after should be well and truly in place. For more groom and groomswear advice, head over to A Suit That Fits, or to our own Grooms page.