If you’re looking for a bit of alternative look, you’ll love the newly launched Wedding Converse collection from British footwear boutique, Dead Fresh.

Designed to inject a little bit of All Star swagger into ceremonies, the hand customised creations are ideal for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, pageboys and other members of the bridal party.


Sarah Mahoune, Dead Fresh Owner said: “Contemporary brides are starting to shun ceremonial conventions and opt for bolder and cheekier ideas.

We’ve seen it in Fearne Cotton’s stunning sequinned panel creation, Keira Knightley’s knee length number, Gwen Stephani’s ombre pink gown and countless other celebrity style setters who are pushing the conventions of traditional white wedding affairs.

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Our Wedding Converse collection is the vanguard of the trend and offers brides a sassy alternative to towering heels and delicate flats.


Whilst customised Converse kicks aren’t the newest concept, no company before has offered clients a professional service with a polished finish. Rather than resort to crude hand painting and embroidery, Dead Fresh offers customers the chance to commission ultra-sleek footwear that’s unique, exclusive and 100% professional. This means that every member of the bridal party will look their absolute best when the day comes around!

The bespoke sneakers are created using an advanced ink-fusing method that creates a clear and precise finish – it’s completely unique and gives better results than hand painting or embroidery. The high quality imaging technique was developed by brand owner Sarah Mahoune and is totally exclusive to the Dead Fresh production line.


Ms Mahoune added: “We understand that brides want to look like the picture of perfection on their big day which is why we’ve developed a unique ink-fusing that creates a flawless finish. From walking down the aisle to dancing up a storm at the reception, the Wedding Converse is durable, comfortable, and downright gorgeous!

Using the ink-fusing method, Dead Fresh customises Converse shoes with names, dates, messages and even mini images! And the shoes can be identical or mismatched – it’s entirely up to the bride.

For ladies that want to dazzle as they walk down the aisle, Dead Fresh offers a Swarovski crystal embellishment option. This sees the toes and satin ribbons strewn with shimmering crystals for the ultimate in ceremonial chic.

From high tops, low tops, blacks, whites, blues, reds, and even pinks, these shoes can be customised to suit your wedding colour scheme, or the individual taste of the bridal party.


Brides determined to get their hands on a pair of customised Dead Fresh Converse kicks can order a standard design via the website, or get in touch with the team to create an utterly unique look.

Prices start from £50, with all orders over £30 eligible for free delivery. So what are you waiting for? To find out more about the customised Wedding Converse range, or to browse the entire collection of Dead Fresh products, visit the website, www.dead-fresh.co.uk.