Who hasn’t watched Sex and the City and assigned their best girlfriends to the characters? Well now, you can be just like them with the help of LOVESILVER


If you were guilty of watching back to back episodes of the quirky series, you’ll be sure to remember the iconic ‘Carrie’ necklace that Carrie Bradshaw wore. The trinket was extremely popular back in the 90s and LOVESILVER.com has bought the trend back to life with their personalised necklaces!


They are the perfect bridesmaid gifts because they’ll absolutely adore them and it will make the cutest wedding day accessory because you will all match. Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy one, too! Choose from Sterling Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold or Gold Plated in small or medium. You can pick the font style and even add symbols, too. Steal the style of Carrie and wear your name in pride!

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LOVESILVER has a range of gorgeous custom-made, top quality personalised jewellery that make the perfect gift to give to the Charlottes, Mirandas, and Samanthas in your life, and is ideal as an intimate and personal momento for any event! What better way to say thank you to your bridesmaids?

love-silver-carrie heart med gold

Once you’ve chosen what you’re getting, personalised or not, you can relax knowing that when your order is placed LOVESILVER’s team of craftsmen will get to work immediately to ensure that your jewellery is crafted and mailed to you within three working days.

LOVESILVER’s range is timeless and so can be worn all year round, whatever the occasion and outfit! To see more, just check out their website right here!