With so much to think about before the big day, forgetting even the smallest of details is a fear many brides experience. You want your day to be as magical and memorable as possible!

However, the pressure of trying to achieve the day of perfection – from the fit of your dress to your luxury honeymoon plans – is a major reason that contributes to many brides experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety.


A Daily Mail survey found that along with ensuring the day goes off without a hitch, there were more factors to blame for wedding anxieties. The survey found that:

  • 44% of brides worry about the guest list
  • 38% fear blowing their budget
  • 35% of brides worry about keeping friends and family happy
  • 24% experience anxiety due to overbearing family members
  • 23% are concerned about their interfering mother-in-laws

But one thing that wasn’t highlighted in the survey but has been known to escape even the most organised of brides, is remembering their period is due.

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Having your period on what we can all agree as one of the biggest days of your life is somewhat of an inconvenience. There is, however, a number of things you can do to prevent your period from affecting your big day.


According to online clinic HealthExpress, you can delay your period using two methods:

Contraceptive pill

If you already take the oral contraceptive pill, you can delay your period by taking two packets back-to-back. This method will differ depending on the type of pill you are taking.

Monophasic 21-day pill:

To delay your period with this pill, you should miss out your usual seven day break after one pack of pills and continue to take another pack straight away after finishing the previous pack.

Every day (ED) pill:

This contraceptive pill consists of 21 active pills and 7 dummy or inactive pills. If you are taking this form of contraceptive pill, you will need to miss out the ‘inactive phase and throw those pills away. You will then be able to start a fresh pill pack and take your active pills straight away.

Phasic 21-day pill:

These contraceptive pills contain different levels of hormones. It is advised that you ask your doctor which pills you should miss in order to safely delay your period.

Progestogen pill:

This pill contains progestogen hormones only and cannot be used to delay your period.

Period delay treatment

Clinically proven period delay treatment can help you delay your period for up to 14 days. The treatment, which can only be obtained by a prescription, uses a form of progestogen hormone that works to delay your period by influencing hormones that naturally occur in the body. The added hormone upsets the balance, causing your period to be delayed until the extra hormones are removed from the body (which occurs when you stop taking the treatment).

This treatment mimics the natural hormones in your body, safely delaying your period so you have one less thing to worry about on your big day!