25th March is National Bridesmaids Day. A day to mark all the hard work bridesmaids do in the build-up to their best friend’s wedding.

To mark the day, Butlers in the Buff and Hen Heaven, two of the UK’s biggest hen party providers have joined forces in speaking to real life bridesmaid to discover the stresses and strife that come with the job and will be providing some top tips on being a great bridesmaid that is based on their research.

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As the end of March grows nearer, this research shows that the 25th March has proven to be the busiest day of the year for booking hen parties – a day when bridesmaids freak out that the hen is almost upon them, and they haven’t booked the things they should have.

The research also found these facts and figures:

  • The average hen party in the UK costs £290 per person
  • There are currently 336,000 hen parties a year
  • The average woman, between 25 and 35 years old, will go on 8 hen parties in her life
  • The average age of getting married has increased to 30 years old for a woman and 32 years old for a man
  • The role of a bridesmaid originated centuries ago when friends of the bride would dress the same as the bride in order to confuse evil spirits who were ready to snatch the bride away from her intended
  • The phrase ‘often a bridesmaid, but never a bride‘ originated from a mouthwash advertisement from 1924
  • The universally known bridesmaid curse, ‘thrice a bridesmaid, never a bride‘ can be broken by being a bridesmaid seven times
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Talking about her experience, real life bridesmaid, Arianwen Morris from Oxford says: “Being a bridesmaid is a huge commitment. It takes up a huge amount of your time and also a sizeable chunk of your finances.

You will spend hour upon hour organising the hen party, answering guests’ queries, shopping for gifts and decorations, planning hen party games and travelling to and from meet-ups. My top tip would be to think of the bride’s tastes at all times.

If I had a magic wand, I’d use it to ensure that people invited to the hen respond to my emails within 20 minutes with a straightforward and final answer whenever I ask about their availability and preferences for the event.

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Hen Heaven aim to be that ‘magic wand’ and take all the stress out of booking accommodation, activities, and even helping with budgeting. Members of the group can pay their part individually direct to Hen Heaven which takes the strain off the bridesmaid when it comes to chasing money from friends.

At the actual hen party the bridesmaids should be able to sit back and relax whilst watching all their hard work pay off, but this often isn’t the case as they have to run around making sure everyone is looked after. Butlers in the Buff offer a solution by having a Butler in the Buff or two to take the strain by serving drinks and hosting party games.

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With the two joining forces, they hope to ensure a Happy National Bridesmaids Day. And Wedding Ideas do too! Check out our bridesmaids section, we can guarantee happy bridesmaids.