Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress for all of your girls is an almost impossible task, but that’s where Chi Chi London come in! You can’t please them all… or can you?

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Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes – plus size, petite, pregnant, busty, long bod, short bod, tall, and small. We have seen countless brides try and please them all with one or two never being quite satisfied at all.

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Look no further, as Chi Chi London is offering brides the perfect bridesmaid dress styles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Using the same fabric and colours, the variance of shapes will mean one HAPPY bunch of bridesmaids.

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Brides can now tick the nightmare of bridesmaid dress shopping off the list and spend more time on the dilemma of shopping for their own!

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Chi Chi London pride themselves on occasion wear dressing at fabulous price points and the ‘Bridesmaid Collection’ is no different. Dresses start from £54.99 – £79.99.