The dress has been carefully chosen, the hair and makeup plans have been perfected and the wedding is fast approaching, but something seems to be missing. If you’re still stuck wondering how to finish off your look then why not consider getting creative with Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos?


Glamorous, versatile and easy to apply – transfer tattoos have been a growing fashion trend this year and we are now starting to see them become an ideal choice for brides that are looking for something slightly different when it comes to accessorising on their big day.


As well as plenty of gorgeous metallic collections to choose from, Bohemian Tattoos have just released a white collection that visitors of this year’s National Wedding Shows have fallen in love with! From irresistible lace inspired anklets and arm cuffs to gorgeously intricate statement pieces, the Sofia collection provides a feminine, detailed and striking range of unique designs that exude bridal elegance.

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Whether you’re after an elaborate hand accessory using several tattoos, a statement piece to show off your backless dress or just a simple bracelet, Bohemian Tats can be worn anywhere and any way you like. Simply choose your designs, apply with water and admire!


Of course, bridal body art is hardly a new concept. Henna tattoos are commonly used to adorn Indian brides in celebration of their marriage and this beautiful tradition has inspired many of the collections and single sheets that Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos have to offer (such as the Vandana collection).


The wonderful thing about transfer tattoos is that they are completely waterproof and can be expected to last up to 5 days, but if you’d rather remove them sooner it only takes some baby oil or an alcohol wipe to do so. Just like henna, you can also make your Bohemian Tattoo creations as simple or elaborate as possible; the options really are endless which means that you’re certain to find something to compliment that all important dress.


If a Bohemian Tattoo sounds like the perfect accessory for you or any of your wedding party then make sure to check out Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos and find tons of transfer tattoo tips and inspiration!