Want to find out what your husband-to-be really thinks is your best feature? Take our naughty nearly-weds quiz after you’ve had a few drinks at your hen party and spill some saucy secrets!

Girls on night out - The Nearly-Weds Quiz – A Naughty Hen Night Game!
Credit: Gohen.com

The Nearly-Weds Quiz: A Naughty Hen Night Game! 

Party experts quiz, the easier your forfeit will be! Get them all right, and you can get away without doing any forfeit at all. So fingers on engagement rings and let’s begin…

(Don’t forget to alter one answer on each question to reflect what the groom really said!)

1. We Asked [Groom] What Part of you he Fancies Most. Did he say…?

A) Your bum
B) Your boobs
C) Your smile

2. What did he say was Your Worst Habit?

A) Your singing – he loves you to bits, but secretly thinks you’re terrible!
B) Biting your nails and leaving the bits beside the bed
C) Eating food off his plate because you’re being healthy

3. How Long After you First met did Your Hubby-to-be say you First had “Intimate Relations”?

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A) You wickedly seduced him on the first night you met him, while he was drunk and defenceless
B) A respectable four weeks
C) You’re saving yourselves until your wedding night

4. What is his Favourite Song?

A) Wonderwall – Oasis
B) The Best Song Ever – One Direction
C) My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

5. Where is the Weirdest Place you and he Have got ‘Jiggy With it’?

A) At your place of work when everyone had gone home
B) You’re now both proud members of the mile high club
C) Round the back of (name a local pub)

6. How did he Describe Your Kissing Technique?

A) Full-bodied, with a pleasant bouquet and subtle aftertaste of wine and chocolate Hobnobs
B) Kind of like a vacuum cleaner on the blink
C) She’s the Andrex of kissers – soft, strong and incredibly long!

7. What Outfit Would he Most Like you to Dress up in?

A) Nurse
B) Policewoman
C) Lorraine Kelly (complete with a full impression of her accent)

8. According to [Groom] What is Your Best Quality?

A) Your kind nature and big heart
B) Your smile – it had him hooked from the first time he saw it
C) You’re the only one that could put up with him!

9. What did he say his Favourite Movie was?

A) La Dolce Vita
B) Die Hard II
C) The Muppets Take Manhattan

10. Did he say you had any sex toys you like to use Together?

A) We did, but the last time we plugged it in it made so much noise the neighbours thought we’d bought a cement mixer!
B) Does Scrabble in bed count as a toy?
C) Let’s just say there’s an electric toothbrush we never mention anymore…

Girls on beach - The Nearly-Weds Quiz – A Naughty Hen Night Game!
Credit: Gohen.com

Scores and Forfeits!

0 – 3 Points

Well, either one of you was fibbing, or clearly you to need to stop kissing and do some talking for once! As a forfeit for your terrible score, you must entertain the girls by breakdancing on the dancefloor.

4 – 6 Points

It could have been worse, but you should really know better. You must now serenade a friendly-looking stranger with a song of the hens’ choosing.

7 – 9 Points

Not a bad effort – well done! As you’ve done so well, the hens will only make you wear a novelty item of their choosing.

10 Points

Congratulations! Either you are his one true love, or you’re both equally as weird and deserve each other! Either way, we’re all very happy for you. Enjoy your hen night!


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