We absolutely love a good proposal story here at Wedding Ideas! Christmas and New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular times of the year to propose, so we thought what better way to start the romance off than proposal stories from our very own readers!

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We asked our wonderful readers ‘How did your other half propose?’

“I impatiently waited 8 years and 5 months for my proposal. It had become a running joke in our friendship group that I would marry someone else and invite my fiancé, Leon, along as a guest. We went on a family holiday to Greece in September 2015 with our two year old, Nico, and Leon kept moaning there was no sand on the beach at the hotel. I kept reassuring him that Nico wouldn’t mind not being able to make a sand castle. A few days later we went on a day trip to Old Rhodes town which is really romantic, and we spent the day wondering the medieval streets followed by dinner at a taverna, and then went onto the beach at Old Rhodes harbour at sunset. I walked off to get the camera to take a photo of the view, and as I returned I found Leon stood next to some writing in the sand with Nico on his shoulders. The writing said ‘Marry Me’! he tried to take Nico down but as he was wary of the waves he wouldn’t budge so he had to go down on one knee with Nico on his shoulders. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and immediately said yes and gave them both a big kiss. I always thought after such a long wait I’d be relieved he’d finally done it and that would outweigh the excitement, but it was so worth the wait.”
Natalie Stead

“He flew me to Venice for my birthday. Then on my birthday he proposed on a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal, then he took me on a boat tour to 3 islands surrounding Venice. Proposed February 2014 then married 6 months later.”
Sarah Leeds

“He just asked. No frills, no grand gestures.”
Caroline Fergusson

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“Mine was perfect for us! He took me to a place called ‘Heavens Gate’ and I kept wondering why he was making me buy carrot sticks in Asda before when we were getting our picnic! I moaned the whole time about going, having to sit on the floor and walk all the way (I was 7.5 months pregnant). When we got there it was absolutely stunning! I sat down on an ants nest and so had to move, then we had our picnic and he he asked if I wanted another carrot stick – I almost shouted at him that I didn’t when I turned round and he said ‘how about half a carat?!’ And held out the most stunning ring! I replied with ‘OMG are you joking?’ Then of course said yes and he put the ring on – I was the happiest girl in the whole world. He had thought about the fact that I would have hated it to be in front of lots of people. He told me he did it at ‘Heavens Gate’ as it was closer to my gran and grand-dad, who I miss so much and who will always be a huge part of our lives! I wore the ring and then had to remove it because my fingers swelled but it’s now firmly back on and we have a gorgeous 4 week old boy who just tops it all off really!”
Katie Williams

“He took me on surprise birthday trip to Jamaica and proposed one night walking along the beach.”
Vikki Bines

“My other half proposed on a surprise four-night break in Paris. On the first night in a quiet spot in the gardens in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower. While I was sat on Craig’s knee gazing up at the beautiful tower, Craig ever so calmly put the ring in front of me. The moment was perfect. We spent the rest of the trip talking about our wedding while no-one at home knew, it was lovely that just us two knew for a few days, and in such a beautiful city. We told everyone upon our return home, our children are still telling the story!”
Georgina Dellow

“On a beautiful beach in Cuba on holiday, amazing!”
Hanna Goldfinch

“My other half took me for a week away in Eastbourne for our 1 year anniversary with it in mind to propose to me. However, in that week he never got the opportunity as I was always in the way and foiling his plans. In the end, it wasn’t until we got home, that he pulled over to the nature reserve around the corner from our house, and proposed to me under the night sky, away from anybody else. Just us two. As it was dark he ended up kneeling in a puddle, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.”
Georgina Hitchens

“My partner was diagnosed with cancer twice at the age of 23. I stuck by his side every step of the way. He had an operation to get rid of the cancer the first time, but then sadly had to have chemotherapy because it had spread. He lost all his hair but remained strong and positive the whole time. Me and my work friends wanted to run the Race For Life 2014 in Harlow in aid of him (Matt) – it was an amazing day and the sun was beaming. I was surrounded by my amazing friends and family. Once I had finished running the race; all hot and sweaty, everyone celebrated with champagne and beers. Matt then took me for a walk around the park, it was nice to have some alone time. He then knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so overwhelmed and passers–by all cheered for us! Su from Heart Essex Radio found out and announced it on the speakers, I had people calling me up saying what they’ve just heard on the speakers. All my family and friends were crying and hugging and we carried on celebrating with more champagne. It was one of the best days of my life. Matt had now been in remission for 17 months and is fit and healthy!”
Kellie Ellis

“Here’s your ring, do you want me to propose”
Sammy Martin

“A treasure hunt that started with a letter when I was out for a meal with friends, that lead me to Chapel Porth (in Cornwall) and had to follow the path to an engine house where my husband had spelt out ‘will you marry me?’ with candle bags and was down on one knee. We married 2 years later.”
Megan Ashe

“By the Christmas tree in Euro Disney, just after midnight on New Year’s Eve – it was so romantic. Now we are awaiting our daughter in January and our wedding in February next year, I can’t wait to be Mrs Hicks!”
Louise Oakes

“He took me for a romantic meal and lots of friends he knew were there, saying “good luck”. I knew something was up but didn’t have a clue! We then proceeded to walk across the beach looking at the night sky and Newquay harbour lights. He was so anxious! He turned around, looked at me and said, “will you marry me?” I hugged him in surprised horror, and kissed him, he then asked “is that a yes?” and I screamed yes!”
Bracken Green

“We went for walk in Chimney Rock North Carolina and had a hot chocolate, then went down to the creek and sat on two big rocks. He said he loved coming here as a kid, there was just something about the mountain water that was magic. I laughed him off and he said no really feel it and we stuck our hands in the water. When he pulled his hands up there was my ring! I was completely stunned, we had only jokes about getting married but secretly I knew he was the one. I asked him if he was asking me to marry him because he was so nervous he could hardly speak. We have now been married for over two years.”
Nikki Fowler

My partner of 9.5 years proposed in August 2015 while we where on holiday in Krakow. The weather was absolutely stunning and he suggested we go on a horse and cart ride, it happened to go past a castle where the horse and cart stopped. I was facing away from him and he said “I’ve got a question to ask you” and I turned around and he said “will you marry me?” He had the ring in his hand – I’ve never been more shocked in my life and replied with “are you messing?” followed by me kissing him lots and forgetting to answer the question, even after putting the ring on! I obviously said yes, that was the 1st time in my life I’ve ever been speechless.”
Rhiann Ellen Holding

“Mine proposed to me by changing his Facebook status to engaged to ‘Joan Knapp Eldridge’ – that was my proposal! But it was fine with me.”
Joan Knapp Eldridge

“I bought him a photo session with Stan Lee (his idol) at London Comicon. He managed to get a card saying, ‘Sharon will you marry me?’ in the picture and Stan with his thumb up!”
Sharon Campone-Evans

“My other half was going to propose on our first holiday together to Greece. But he ended up in hospital having his toe amputated! So he proposed on the sofa when he was out of hospital. When we went to Greece this year he got down on one knee on the beach and proposed again.”
Anne Elliott-Flockhart

“While I was at work he popped in before my lunch break and asked me how my morning was – it was a bad morning! Then he then pulled out the box and said would this make it better? He got down on one knee in front of the customers and proposed! I still get my regular customers asking me how my plans are getting on.”
Gemma Balls

“We went on an epic 6km hike and I got gigantic blisters! At the crest of the hill overlooking a beautiful valley he popped the question – I was shocked. My response was ‘Wwhhhhaaattt?’ He said “take the ring babe”. It was hilarious. Blisters took a month to heal but was so worth it!”
Christine Dodd

“I nursed a very poorly lamb back to life a few years ago, who nearly died twice over the 6 months of her recovery. We were out in the field walking the dogs on Christmas day and my h2b wrote ‘will ewe marry me?’ on the side of her. We marry next July.”
Helen Boers

“On Christmas day in front of all my family and my brother waiting to get it all on camera!”
Kate Saraceno

“Every year we go to the beach for a week or so after Christmas. January 2015 was no different. Our first night at the beach was beautiful, and we went for a walk along the water and through the hills. Nobody else was on the beach, and the sun was setting – it was incredible! On the top of the sand dune with the bay in the background, he got down on one knee and pulled out the most amazing ring… and then I cried like a baby for about half an hour!”
Cristina Letton

“I proposed in 1996. We lived together and my hubby was 31 and I was 30, so it was a sort of ultimatum! So we got married February 1996 and still married today!”
Marlene Rudolph

“On the Minstrel Gallery of The Grand Hall at Edinburgh Castle. A room full of people below us had no idea what was happening just above them!”
Rebecca Storr

“On our third anniversary at Somerset House on the ice, where we had our first date!”
Danielle Lee

“My now husband proposed on one knee in St James Park on our way to see Dirty Dancing in the West End. He told me he loved me so much and would I marry him with the most beautiful engagement ring!”
Emma Jane Rowlands

“My partner proposed a couple of hours after I’d given birth to our second daughter, he’d designed a baby vest that said ‘will you marry daddy’ and got down on one knee with baby in one arm and the ring in the other! We get married next June.”
Gemma Cox

“We have a little one, but he was staying at granny’s because we were both working the night before, so when I got up he made breakfast – he does breakfast every weekend. Anyway, after we took dog out for a walk on the beach and once we got to Small Island, he told me that he loves me and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else and then he asked me! I said yes and then we had to run off as the tide was closing on us.”
Joanna Ba

“In the Grand Canyon with lunch and champagne.”
Catherine Carr

“My fiancé kept telling me if I wanted to get engaged I had to buy the ring so we with went in with our son and picked one out. Two days later he was too shy and embarrassed to actually ask me, so instead he just pulled it out and said do you want it? And I put it on. Two years later he felt bad we had to get a cheap ring and brought me a very beautiful replacement for Christmas. We have been together over 7 years now – since I was 17! We have two little boys and we are hoping to get married in the near future.”
Elisse Addie

“At the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff. He put the ring box on the threshold of the tardis and was down on one knee. Perfect whovian proposal!”
Mary O’Connor

“Christmas Day 2014, my fiancé hid the ring in a cracker with some marbles (unbeknown to him). We pulled the cracker and the ring and the bag of marbles hit me on the head! I didn’t see the ring until I looked down – it definitely had the element of surprise!”
Jemma Joanne Ria

“On Christmas morning I woke up to breakfast in bed when I was 26 weeks pregnant, he got down on one knee and I knocked the food all over the bed but I said yes! And that was 2 years a go!”
Ashley Kim Ditton

“After a family ride on a snowmobile in Lapland. Just us and our two girls and beautiful scenery.”
Leah Woodfield

“He wrote, “will you marry me?” on an untouched road of fresh snow, on a weekend getaway.”
Shannon McDonald

It was bonfire night 2014 and me and my boyfriend Chris were going to our yearly family bonfire at my mum and dads house. We were all stood round the fire watching the fireworks with all my family and friends. Chris was pottering about when all of a sudden he knelt on the mudddy field and pulled out a ring box. I was in utter shock and ran away from him towards the bonfire! He had to shout at me as I was in so much shock and of course I said yes! Everyone cheered and it was an amazing proposal which truly took me by surprise and now our bonfire nights are even more special!
Natalie Moore

Thank you to all of our wonderful readers who told us their proposal stories – they are seriously romantic!