The first thing you’ll probably think about when you get engaged is what your wedding dress is going to look like. So, we’ve turned to our loyal Facebook brides to talk about their wedding dresses and why they fell in love with their gowns.

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Keep an open mind when looking

Keep an open mind when you go bridal gown shopping. Listen to the experts in the shop and try on frocks they recommend – you may well be surprised.

“It was the opposite of what I thought I wanted,” says Facebook bride Debbie. “When I tried it on and it swished about when I walked I just knew it was ‘the one’. I didn’t want to take it off and it made me feel amazing.”

Plan your day around your dress

Of course, your dress can also spark off an idea for your theme, much like this bride-to-be.

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“When I put my dress on I could see my whole wedding being planned around it,” says Louise. “My dress changed all my initial plans, colours, themes, flowers… everything! But I loved it!”

Value other opinions

Most brides take their mums or a close friend with them when they go to choose their dress and this can often have a lot of impact on their choices.

“When my mum saw me in my dress she had the biggest smile and a tear in her eye,” remembers Cathy.

“The look on my 15 year old daughter’s face made me realise that it was ‘the one’,” says Claire.

When you find ‘the one’, you just know

If you don’t find a dress you love immediately, don’t give up. “After losing the will to go on and deciding that I would probably settle for a dress I quite liked,” says bride Jenny Eleri. “I tried on the last dress of many that I’d pulled out. As soon as I stepped into it I got butterflies and when they zipped it up I couldn’t stop grinning. Not sure what it is about it – it’s just me.”

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You’ll feel like a princess

Lots of you enjoyed the fact that your wedding gown made you feel ‘royal’ when you tried it on…

“It was exactly what I pictured and made me feel like a princess,” says Facebook bride Marie.

“It’s simple and elegant but slightly unusual,” says real bride-to-be Emma Louise. “As soon as I put it on I felt like a princess. It’s not actually the style I thought I’d pick either.”

“My dress was big and princessy, with a glitter tulle skirt and was aptly named Cinderella,” says Donna.

Think about how your dress makes you look

How you actually look in your dress is also an important thing to consider. “The colour makes me look slim,” says Facebook bride Terasa. “I don’t have to wear a bra and it fits with my vintage garden party theme.”

“I wanted the biggest dress I could find,” says Jenny Louise. “I thought ‘I am only getting married once so why not wear something totally huge that I would not be able to wear any other time. When I tried on my dress I did not want to take it off and fell totally in love with it. At each fitting I would keep it on for ages because I loved it so much.”

Remember why you’re getting married

Who are you really dressing for on your wedding day? You want to look your most beautiful as you glide down the aisle towards your groom. Which is just how some brides felt when they first tried on their dress…

“It was the only one that said to me ‘my husband would love me in this’,” says Mary.