If you’re thinking about a marriage proposal, there are many pit holes you should try to avoid when planning to utter those 4 special words. We’ve got 10 golden rules that you should follow if you’re considering a marriage proposal.

  1. If she ever points a ring out in a shop window, go back and buy it. Otherwise a temporary ring will be just fine – a girl needs to choose her own ring. Haribos make some fun, colourful ones.
  2. If he’s still around, ask her Dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage. You’ll be amazed what this will achieve. He might even say yes, thump you on the back and take you down to the pub for a beer.
  3. the-marriage-proposal-10-golden-rulesIf you whisk her away somewhere to do it, do it early on – don’t leave it til the last minute or when you’re packing up to go home. You’ll want the time to make plans, feel all coupley and get used to the idea that you’re in it for keeps.
  4. Don’t do it in the heat of emotion or passion. People have different opinions on things when their senses are highly stimulated and you don’t want her changing her mind. Similarly you don’t want to wake up the next morning regretting it.
  5. Don’t bring too much alcohol into the mix either. A drunken proposal is a bad idea, not least because you won’t be able to re-live each moment when you’re telling the tale. And you’ll want to enjoy the ensuing Champagne. A beer or couple of shots for Dutch Courage is fine, but stop right there.
  6. If she’s the sort of person who hates being surprised, or can’t bear being the centre of attention, don’t be dragging her up onto the stage at a Take That concert. She’ll probably say yes but mean no, and will find the whole thing humiliating and embarrassing, runing the moment for her.
  7. Conversely, if she likes spontaneity, it’s worth writing to her favourite band, nightclub or football team to ask for their help. It’s a great spectator sport this proposal lark.
  8. State from the start how much you want to be involved in the planning. Talk to her. You don’t want to wake up the next day with no clue where to start or how to help. She might produce a list she’s been compiling for years of what she wants, so get in there quickly.
  9. Don’t propose unless you are fully committed to setting a date. Getting engaged isn’t a mere gesture, or to be used to pacify your girlfriend, it’s a commitment to marry, to spend the rest of your life together.
  10. Make it fun – if you’re not one for PDAs, be a bit creative at home. You could spend the day planning and preparing the house for her return to work – lay a trail of petals to the ring, make a treasure hunt, be waiting at her favourite restaurant, in a quiet corner (send a text saying: “You’re late, I’m at the restaurant”) or be waiting under a tree on your favourite country walk. Hell, you could even tie it on a ribbon round her kitten’s neck – just do it! Good luck, and we want to hear all about it!