In case you haven’t yet had the good fortune to experience the Bahamian landscapes, and taken your own holiday pictures, have a look at the feedback from other travellers who’ve been lucky enough to see The Islands Of The Bahamas.

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It seems that it’s hard to take a duff shot, and images certainly don’t need tweaking, as demonstrated by the research of booking agent BusBud who found that the paradise-like landscape of The Bahamas boasted the highest percentage of Instagram uploads with #NoFilter. Visitors and astronauts alike have enthused about the breath-taking views and the colours of the ocean. Astronauts Chris Hadfield and Karen Nyberg both posted their favourite shots of The Bahamas while astronaut Scott Kelly wanted to save a spot on the beach and showed his youngest daughter the most beautiful place from space via video conference.

Picture yourself in some island chic, whether toes-in-the-sand casual or uber-stylish, there are locations and hotels to suit every taste, simple island style to designer hotels. In The Islands Of The Bahamas there are so many great backdrops. Whether yours is a destination wedding, honeymoon or special anniversary or vow renewal, make your images truly memorable.
bahamas tourist o1 It’s easy to book one, two or even more islands where the real scene-stealers are the pink, white and golden sand beaches. Special garden locations such as the Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama Island or the Versailles-style gardens at One&Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island with its own 14th century cloisters offer colourful floral displays.

Let nature dominate your lens and take a plane down south to The Exumas to see if your aerial shots of the cays can encapsulate the Bahamian Blues – the colours of the ocean.

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Not only the landscapes and seascapes of The Exumas are captivating, some of the natural phenomena found in the islands make for some very special holiday selfies. The swimming pigs on Big Major’s Cay, also now known as Pig Island, are certainly not camera shy as they swim out to the boats bringing visitors to the island and scrounge lunch of bread and vegetables.

Similarly, the iguanas on Allan’s Cay, a little further north in The Exumas chain, are used to visitors and scurry forth for a closer look, and grapes, if they are lucky.

The flamingos on the very southern island of Inagua are happy finding their own food in the shallow ocean flats, this colony of West Indian flamingos is the largest in the region and at over 50,000 strong, outnumber the local Bahamian population of Inagua by over 60:1. Although Inagua is rather remote with just one little hotel, so you may find it easier to visit the little marching group of flamingos at Adastra Gardens in Nassau, where it’s much easier to get close enough for a photo.

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All this photography can be thirsty, and hungry, work. Make sure you take a break to experience some of the new locally made Bahamian rums, beers and edible treats which are easy to find in the heart of Nassau. The Rum Runners Passage experience with Islandz Tours and the Tru Bahamian Food Tours ‘Bites of Nassau’ tour offer very tasty trips through the culinary and historical past of Nassau.

Find out loads more information about The Bahamas at The Bahamas Tourist Office and the best of the best trips and excursions for the Islands.