Does the phrase ‘It’s okay because I’m getting married’ sound familiar? Whether it’s to reassure yourself, to save yourself, to defend yourself, or just an excuse to be able to talk about your wedding, you’re not alone.

And do you know what? Sometimes, we don’t blame you! Here are those times when it’s alright to use that age-old excuse of brides-to-be…

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To overspend your budget

In the life of an average Joe, going out on a shopping trip and splashing that cash often ends in guilt, among a pile of really, really nice clothes and shoes. But a bride isn’t the average Joe, right? A wedding budget is totally different to any other kind of budget, right? It’s one of the biggest days of your life, it’s kind of made to be broken?

Here’s when the ‘I’m getting married’ excuse may get you in a bit of a pickle, and we at Wedding Ideas say try to stay clear of using this one too much. Going over on your budget a little bit so you can get your hands on that dream dress is all well and good, but don’t overdo it; it all adds up in the end! (Sorry, ladies!).

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To get out of something

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in, whether that’s an uncomfortable conversation with a good friend asking if you fancy going to that book club she’s started (when the answer is a definite no), or just a plain awkward conversation.

The answer? “Oh, I’m so sorry, tonight I’ll be super busy doing wedding-y things and looking at wedding-y stuff”, or “Hey guys, I’m getting married, did you know?”. Whilst they most likely did know, the words ‘wedding’ or ‘getting married’ is pure gold for conversation starters and getting out of any unwanted evening plans.

To show off your ring whenever you want

Talking of wedding chat, showing off the ring is another conversation starter and will inevitably grab the attention of anyone around. That well-practiced hand flick of yours to make your ring dazzle and catch people’s eyes will never go to waste, even if you’ve spread the news of your engagement.

With that hand flick or that selfie on Facebook with a glimpse of diamond, you probably won’t even need to say the words ‘I’m getting married’. Plus, who doesn’t love to hear a good proposal story or how the wedding plans are going? C&M031

To blag some freebies

There are lots of bits and bobs involved with weddings, and people know that perfectly well. Because of this, walking around town talking about how you’re getting married may just get you a few freebies. People will want you to buy from them, and what better way to tempt a bride with the loving kindness of a freebie?

And then there’s the gift list! Putting together a list of things you want so that people can buy them for you is the absolute dream, right? That fancy toaster you’ve been eyeing up every time you visit John Lewis? On the list! That activity on your honeymoon that would send you just a bit over budget? On the list!

But don’t think it’s all over for you when the wedding has been and gone. If you’ve got a honeymoon planned – whether it’s straight after the big day or a little bit later – it’s a good idea to let them know it’s your honeymoon that you’re celebrating, you lovebirds may just get some special treatment…

To avoid PDA judgement

Public displays of affection (PDA) is something that is often frowned upon and responded to with the likes of ‘I don’t think we need to see that,’ or ‘Get a room’. But apparently, snogging in public is immediately okay-ed by comments like ‘Oh, they’ve just got engaged’, ‘Oh, they’ve just got married’, or ‘Oh, they’re in their honeymoon period’. So ladies, if you fancy it, snog away because it looks like you’ve got a free pass! 703

To keep people waiting

There’s the term of ‘fashionably late’ and then there’s the bride being fashionably late. In your mind, the fact you’re getting married is the perfect excuse for being a bit later than you should. All that wedding research, all those wedding tasks, all those just-being-a-bride things – it’s no wonder you run out of time!

Just glide in flash that ring, and then complain about the bridesmaid dilemmas going on in your group Whatsapp conversation, or the kerfuffle with the centrepieces. We’re sure you’ll get away with five minutes tardiness at least…

To drink in the morning

The morning of the big day: the time when the words ‘I’m getting married’ will probably be said again and again in a matter of minutes. It’s a big day and you’ll be feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement, and that glass (or bottle) of fizz staring at you from your fridge is the perfect way to calm you down. Even if the clock has only just hit 10am, it’s okay because YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! *Glug glug glug*  Abi&JulianWedLEP_362