The cake cutting ceremony is a high point of your wedding reception, along with the speeches and the first dance. Modern wedding cakes now stand as a centrepiece, throughout the majority of the reception, so it needs to make a statement. Top cake suppliers Click 4a Cake reveal what’s going to be hot news for wedding receptions in 2013…


Multi-tiered trends

Our brides are always looking for the latest trend and 2013 is heading back towards classic, multi-tiered cakes, with taller tiers replacing the shorter, traditional tiers and decadent flavoured sponges are taking centre stage instead of the traditional fruit cake.

The taller the cake, the more extravagant it will look when being displayed, so a minimum of four tiers is a must. If there are too many servings then dummy tiers should be requested. Dummy tiers are becoming an increasingly popular way to increase the height of your cake while saving money.


Hot vintage looks

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Vintage and classic styles are still big news for 2013, with pastel or ivory shades being the most popular. Classic shades like this make the perfect base for floral decorations. Diamanté finishes for the border of the cake add an extra touch of sparkle.

Lace details on the cake offer a soft, vintage-styled finish. You can personalise your cake by requesting the lace detailing from your wedding gown to be replicated onto the surface. Don’t be afraid to use colours but keep them soft or go with ivory lace décor on an ivory-coloured cake. Hand-painted flowers and line work are also hot trends for the coming year. Keep these details light and delicate though for a modern feel.

When it comes to ribbon, stay clear of contrasting colours and instead opt for a matching shade that will make your guests notice the true elegance of your cake.

Handcrafted flowers are in high demand right now because they are much easier to match to a chosen colour scheme, something that is difficult to achieve using real flowers. When your cake artist shows you a sample of their handcrafted flowers, make sure they look the part.


Be mindful of costs

You should always be clear with how much you want to spend on your wedding cake. Your cake artist needs some guidance to make sure your cake design not only has the wow factor but also suits your budget. As a guide, the average cost of a wedding cake starts from around £700 – £800. If you want the lace, flowers and tall tiers then you would look to spend in excess of £1,200 for a four-tier design.

Always make sure that you taste the flavours you select for your wedding cake. Your cake should be freshly made and not ordered in from a factory that produces high volumes of cake sponge in standard flavours. Your cake artist should be flexible and should be able to offer you a wide array of suggestions for your design. Remember this is your big day and the cake should be personal to you.


Money-saving tips

  • Reduce your catering costs by removing the dessert from your wedding breakfast and having your cake as the main sweet treat.
  • Lace-effect icing on a wedding cake can also increase the price considerably, so use this detail sparingly.
  • Consider a domed floral display on your top tier with petals cascading down your cake and onto the board. This will give the appearance of an elegant cake with lots of detail and you will make a considerable saving compared to a waterfall of flowers cascading down the cake.
  • Maximise on your servings by using your top tier instead of freezing it.
  • Serve your cake with tea and coffee from a dessert table, not all your guests will go to the table so you can drop your servings required and can opt for fewer tiers.

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