Flowers can play such an important part in the wedding day. Carina from top flower experts Flower Innovations reveals her favourite bridal blooms for 2013 and their hidden meanings…

A room filled with beautiful blooms will create an immediate impact – not only will they look amazing but their scent will fill the room completely and whenever you smell them again you’ll be transported straight back to your special day.

The language of flowers is something that was established in the Victorian era. Sometimes called floriography, flowers were used to send coded messages, enabling lovers or friends to communicate their feelings without having to say a word. This tradition still remains in some circles today, especially with the royals.

Kate Middleton used a mixture of Lily of the Valley and Sweet William in her bridal bouquet – Lily of the Valley meaning return to happiness and Sweet William meaning gallantry and obviously a reference to her husband-to-be.

 Big-day floral meanings

Sweet peas

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Available in late spring/early summer in pastel shades, the sweet pea is a dainty highly-scented flower that lends itself to a vintage or handpicked look.

Lily of the Valley

Meaning ‘return to happiness’ this flower symbolises purity, happiness, luck and humility. You can see Lily of the Valley in Kate Middleton’s gorgeous wedding bouquet.

Calla lilies

The calla lily is an elegant trumpet-shaped flower and because of its distinctive form, and it is often used in Art Deco wedding themes.


A large full-headed, blousy-looking flower with a soft appearance, perfect for summer.



Meaning ‘consuming love’ and ‘happy years’ what better flower could a bride choose? These blooms come in a range of bold, beautiful colours, so would be perfect for a colourful wedding theme.

Budget bloom ideas

If your wedding budget is tight, think about including more foliage in your bouquet. It can help bulk out an arrangement at a fraction of the cost. Here are five of our favourites…


Ferns are most commonly associated with confidence, fascination and sincerity. They also represent shelter and happiness, so they are ideal foliage to give to friends. Something to consider for your bridesmaids’ posies, perhaps?


Meaning steadfastness and excellence, camellia is perfect for use in a bridal bouquet. The white camellia flower means adoration, perfection and loveliness – the ideal bridal bloom.


Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance. In the Middle Ages, newlyweds would plant a branch of rosemary on their wedding day and if it grew, that was seen as a good omen for the union and for future family.


Representing fidelity, friendship and affection, Ivy also symbolises wedded love.


Representing love, mirth and joy, Myrtle also symbolises purity, and was reportedly used in Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet.

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