If you want to be eco-friendly on your wedding day and make the most of your wedding budget, then you should choose seasonal flowers for your decorations. But what flowers are on offer in which season?

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There are a whole host of wedding florists on weddingsite.co.uk, but today we’ve enlisted help from expert florist, Sabine Darrall from G Lily. She’s come up with a useful list of seasonal flowers to choose from, whether you’re having a spring, summer, autumn or winter wedding.

Sabine’s favourite florals

In summer Sabine recommends sweet peas. With their beautiful scent, they also come in a huge variety of colours, from pastels to brights. They’re lovely in bouquets and look amazing as table centre decorations.

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For autumn, hydrangeas are a firm favourite. “Hydrangeas come in loads of colours, not just blues and pinks. I love a white green and we did a wedding with hydrangeas in an antique dusky lilac that was gorgeous.”

In winter it would have to be hellebores and amaryllis that would make the best impact on the big day.

A selection of our favourite seasonal blooms


Lily of the valley

A favourite of the royals, Lily of the valley was the the floral showpiece of Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet. The flower symbolises return of happiness and is a fond favourite of real-life brides.

lily of the valley

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are available in a rainbow of colours, and are perfect for a bride’s bouquet. Symbolising blissful peace, they’re ideal for laid back brides-to-be looking for a life of happiness and tranquility.



Part of the buttercup family, ranunculus are ideal for country garden-styled floral decorations. In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says ‘I am dazzled by your charms’.



Purple is a hot wedding theme for 2014, so lilac would be an ideal floral accompaniment for any bride planning a wedding in this popular colour.




A true favourite of real-life brides because of their amazing look and versatility. Use them to wow your guests in your bridal bouquet or in show-stopping table centrepieces.


Sweet William

Sweet William is a dainty highly-scented flower that lends itself perfectly to a vintage or handpicked look. This flower also featured in Kate Middleton’s bouquet and symbolises gallantry.

sweet william


These funnel-shaped flowers are perfect for brides looking for an elegant big day bouquet. White in colour, these blooms would look gorgeous in a bouquet mixed with tulips.



Know for their colourful impact, use hydrangeas to create gorgeous pomanders for your venue. Perfect for hanging pomanders for your flowergirls or to decorate your pew ends.




If you want your flowers to make a big impact on your wedding, then you need to choose dahlias. They’re perfect for a bright wedding and their size means you only need a small amount to wow your guests.



Part of the daisy family, Gerberas come in a rainbow of bright colours. If you’re having a fun-filled relaxed wedding day, these blooms would be the perfect complement.



Tall and beautiful, delphinums are the ideal flower to decorate your wedding venue with. Growing up to six foot tall, if you want your tablecentres to make a real impact then these are the flowers for you.



Poppies are the non-traditional bloom for edgier brides looking to make a statement. Their romantic red colour are perfect for a glamorous red wedding theme.



Berried ivy

Perfect for winter, berried ivy is perfect for a fabulous Great Gatsby themed wedding. Team with vintage birdcages and pearls for a truly glamorous look.

berried ivy


If you’re planning an elegant royal blue themed wedding then you should make hyacinth part of your statement bouquet.


Pussy willow

Make your winter wonderland wedding theme a reality with impression centrepieces made of pussy willow. Team with an all-white wedding theme for a gorgeous look that will make a big impact.


Christmas rose

Despite the name, the Christmas rose actually has no relation to the real thing. Use these to add a subtle, yet elegant look to your winter bouquet.

christmas rose



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