Getting married is one of the most exciting days of your life, and no wedding is complete without that all-important confetti moment!

Guests showering you with delicate natural petal confetti is a long-standing tradition to celebrate you and your new h2b as officially married! Confetti over couple from £11.50 per litre

Shropshire Petals are on hand to share their dos and don’ts when it comes to confetti…

The things you need to DO:

  • DO check with your church or venue to see if they allow confetti. Most stipulate that you can only use natural petal confetti, as it is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. If your church or venue doesn’t allow confetti, order a sample from us and take it to show them – they may just change their mind!
  • DO choose the right confetti. There are different colours and sizes of natural petal confetti. The best petals for throwing are small petals such as delphiniums or wild flowers as they are light and fall delicately to the ground, giving your wedding photographer plenty of time to snap up that magical moment. If you are set on a colour that is only available in larger petals, you can add some of these to smaller ones, which will also give a lovely textured effect to your photos!
  • DO pick and mix your confetti. Choose a confetti mix to suit or contrast your wedding theme. If the location where you want your confetti moment is quite dark, a light coloured confetti mix will really stand out, and vice versa. Choose from a huge selection of colours and petal types to create a mix that’s totally unique for your big day. The Shropshire Petals pick and mix tool is perfect for choosing your preferred colours and seeing how they look together.
  • DO work out how much confetti you will need. Depending on the type of confetti moment and photograph you want – a confetti shot full of petals or a delicate confetti shot, – you will need to know how much confetti you will need. For a full shot, one of two large handfuls per guest will be perfect, and for a more delicate shot, one handful per couple will work beautifully! Usually only half of your guests will throw confetti (it tends to be just the ladies), but make sure you have enough! Try out the Shropshire Petals confetti calculator to help.
  • DO discuss your confetti moment with your photographer. Your photographer will probably know the wedding location already so ask them where they think the best spot to capture the shot is. They’ll be able to think practically about the time of the day, light and surroundings! Mix it Up Confetti in cones £60 for 10 litres

The things you should definitely NOT do:

  • DON’T forget to order the confetti! Lots of couples forget about the confetti until it’s too late, thinking it isn’t as important as the dress or the flowers. However, if you don’t want to be disappointed when your guests throw paper-shaped hearts and horse shoes over you, add a note to your invitations asking them not to bring confetti. And place your order with a delayed delivery to get it ticked of your list!
  • DON’T forget that confetti isn’t just for throwing. Large or small petals look great as table decorations, too! Sprinkle some around your table centrepieces, or scatter some on crisp white tablecloths for a splash of colour! Natural petals are perfect for creating a romantic petal path – what about a cute flowergirl scattering them in front of you as you walk down the aisle?
  • DON’T be afraid to experiment with confetti before the big day. Order some free samples and have a play to see what works for you.
  • DON’T forget to delegate the handing out of confetti. Give a member of your bridal party the job to make sure it’s handed out to your guests at the right time for your confetti moment. Alternatively, make a sign with instructions and put it up next to your confetti so they know what to do and when.
  • And most importantly… DON’T forget to enjoy your confetti moment!
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Shropshire Petals produce 100% natural, biodegradable confetti in a variety of colours and petal types. Check out for more info and inspiration!