By giving your wedding a theme, you will make your wedding day personal and unique to you. To help you plan your own big-day theme, we’ve created a handy list of dos and don’ts that should help you along the way.

The dos

Wedding favours and themes

Make it personal

Don’t just follow a fashion. If you both love music then why not choose that as your wedding theme inspiration? You can have invitations that reflect the type of music you love, you can have a live band playing at your reception and you could even take a turn at the microphone yourselves.

Or if you’re both city folk and are planning a metropolitan big day then use that as part of your theme. Maybe have a city landscape on your invitations and hold your reception in a funky loft-style venue. You just need to really think about what expresses the two of you as a couple and take it from there.

Use wedding favours to reinforce your theme

If you’re having a music-themed wedding then you could burn a CD of your favourite music and put a copy at every place setting. Try not to give favours that are completely random and have nothing to do with your wedding theme, think about what will fit in. They don’t need to cost much money, but they should be relevant.

Choose a venue that suits your theme

So if you’re having a country garden wedding theme, then maybe have your wedding in a marquee or a barn. A function room in a hotel won’t have quite the effect you’re looking for, so shop around for something that fits.

The Don’ts

Choose a colour scheme and a theme

Brides often fall into the trap of thinking they need a theme AND a colour scheme. One or the other will be fine, but both can make the reception a bit of a shambles, with lots of extra work for you.

green and white wedding theme bpwphotography

Give your guests strict rules

If you’re having a vintage theme, then don’t insist that everybody dresses in vintage-style clothes. The fact that they have made the effort and have almost certainly spent money to attend your wedding should be enough to ask of your guests. If they want to dress up and follow the theme then that’s fine – but don’t insist upon it.

Themes are not compulsory

Finally, you don’t have to have a theme if you don’t want to, it’s all up to you! It’s your day and you should do it your way.